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Introduction: Cherry Pitter

cherry pitter from sprinkler & sink parts. I found a post by ITChe for a cherry pitter..thanks.. looked though my boxes of parts and this is what i came up with..

Step 1: Parts List and Tools

orbit 2"sprinkler head (complete).
spray tip, from sprinkler.
sink drain plumbing parts.
supply line nut.
3/4 pvc pipe.

hack saw/dremel.
razor knife.
drill and bit.
screw drivers.

Step 2: Plunger Assembly

open head.. reinsert spring below riser tube.. drill out one spray tip to same size as drain stopper rod.. screw into bottom of head.. this acts as a guide for the rod.. put rod down the riser and drilled part.. mark and cut rod, shape the point.. reinstall other spray tip to contain rod.. in plunger assembly..

Step 3: Modify Sink Parts

file supply nut to fit inside drain pipe.. cut drain pipe opening. insert filed nut and pvc spacer.. screw together..

Step 4: Put It Together..

press sprinkler head into plumbing.. the metal ring grabs the head quite well.. some small bends on the inside of the metal ring will offer more grip force.. place a bowl under it to catch pits.. easy to wash and works like a charm..



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    Hey, I just saw this. Totally awesome! I love your use of different scavenged plumbing parts to achieve the same outcome.

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    Thanks to you.. Your project inspired mine..

    Wow, really nice job! I love it when you can get your kitchen implements at the hardware store!