Picture of chevron quilt block
In this instructable I'll show you two ways to make chevron quilt blocks. The first way is a four square block - it's super easy for beginners! The second way is a 12 square chevron block that's a little trickier, but it looks very nice!

Best of all, these chevron quilt blocks are really easy to do with scrap fabric.

Step 1: Planning + what you'll need

Picture of planning + what you'll need
As you can see I made a badly sketched effort at outlining what I'd be sewing. :D

If you're not familiar with piecing, I'd have a look at my how to sew a quilt instructable - I won't be as in depth for this one.

For the four square block you need:
  • 2 4x4 inch squares one color
  • 2 4x4 inch squares of a second color
For the 12 square block you need:
  • 4 3.5x3.5 inch squares of primary color
  • 4 4x4 inch squares of primary color
  • 4 4x4 inch squares of the stripe color
Any of the 4x4 inch squares will be cut in half diagonally. While I've used bold colors for all of mine, You can also use tans or whites for the background and random colors for the stripes. :)

You'll also want a cutting mat, rotary cutter, sewing machine and clear ruler for optimal awesomeness.
You could do so much with the square quilting templates, it's awesome!
sunshiine2 years ago
I would love to quilt with you! I could learn a lot! As always your projects are so awesome!
Cute! I could see a really fun quilt using these two blocks :)