Introduction: Chew Toy From Socks :D

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we all know that dogs love chew toys. and sometimes, they are very expensive and don't even last a month!
so here is an idea of a cheap chew toy that you can make from materials you find at home, IN YOUR ROOM!

Step 1: Materials. XD

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here are the materials you will need.
x2: socks. the longer the easier it will be to make this.
x1: a working sink.
x1:a working refrigirator.
x1: a dog. (unless you plan on giving this to your baby to teeth on)  <- HEY I FOUND ANOTHER USE FOR IT!!!
x1: your hands.

Step 2: Tie the Socks Into Knots

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for this step all you do tie the socks into knots...
FIRST: tie one sock into a ball. it doesn't have to be perfect... put that ball into the other sock.
SECOND: when the ball is in the sock, tia a knot in it and peel back the extra sock and wrap the other ball and the knot so that it makes one bigger part.               ( sorry if you dont understand the explenation, i moved to mexico and i am getting used to the spanish language.)

Step 3: Soak the Socks

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 soak the socks in water. there is no specific temperature because either way it will end up frozen.
make sure that it gets wet all over.

Step 4: Freeze It

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simply place the socks in the freezer. feel free to take a nap for an hour or two...
then just take it out.

Step 5: Give It to a Your Dog

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take it uot and make sure it isnt dripping any more. if it is, you left it in too little.
your dog (or baby) will be chewing this for the next 45 mins. or so...      then just rinse it repeat the last three steps.
or you can just let your dog chew on it to his/her desire.


LeslieS87 (author)2017-06-18


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JennaK1 (author)2015-05-16

That is so cool. I am going to try this right now.

isaac.stewart (author)2011-07-25

My neighbor's doberman ate a got turned around in her intestines. She wouldn't eat, couldn't poop, and ended up needing emergency surgery that cost $2000. All that money and 8 inches of bowel later, that was an expensive chew toy! Watch your dog when you give them any toy! Don't let them have something they can destroy while you are away! This is a great idea, especially if you have a dog who chews and destroys things, but please watch them.

nubabuba (author)isaac.stewart2011-07-26

aww. im sorry. but if you freeze it as it instructs the dog should have a hard time swallowing it or seperating the two socks.

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