Introduction: Children's Light Switch Tool

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my 4 year old daughter cannot reach the bathroom light switch at night; my wife or I have to get up to turn the light on.


make a light switch tool that allows my daughter to turn the bathroom light on and off

Step 1: Materials Required

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chibitronics tape (copper tape with conductive adhesive)

chibitronics diode

duct tape

paper, pen, scissors

lime green acrylic

cr2032 battery(1 dollar for a pack of 10 at IKEA)

Step 2: Draw Your Prototype

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draw a diagram of what you want to make, drawing is a fast, easy way to generate prototype variations; this is the best book I've found related to drawing for insight:

Step 3: Create the Circuit Wiring

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place the copper strip with conductive adhesive on your device

Step 4: Add the Diode

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place the chibitronics diode so it matches up with your copper tape I made a short circuit which I then modified by cutting and adding copper tape (its about making it easy to do and then modifying rather than trying to get everything perfect the first time).

Step 5: Add a Battery

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add the cr2032 battery to your circuit

Step 6: Duct Tape the Battery

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duct tape battery in place

Step 7: Modify the Circuit

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add copper tape to circuit and back of wand

Step 8: Creat and Add a Switch

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add duct tape which will hold paper switch add copper to back of paper switch

Step 9: Test

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now, when the button is pressed, the diode light comes on and my daughter can see and activate the bathroom light switch

I made this at techshop chandler


seamster (author)2015-01-30

This is an excellent solution. Very nice work!

kevin7314 (author)seamster2015-04-26

thanks you, I've been wondering if a general tool could be made that will help children extend and expand their ability to do things.

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