Picture of chipotle-horseradish sauce/condiment
Just in time to kick up your fathers day cookout, this sauce will be a hit with any chilihead. I bought a bottle of Chopotle sauce, it had a fairly good flavor but absolutely no heat, I decided to make my own
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Step 1: From the pantry

Picture of from the pantry
I had about half a bottle of horseradish sauce
a can of chipotle in adobo sauce
chopped garlic
pickled jalapeno slices
salt and pepper
red pepper flakes (not shown)

Step 2: Make it

Picture of make it
I dumped all my ingredients in a food processor and processed until fairly smooth

Step 3: Bottle it

Picture of bottle it
Prominently mark a container that this isn't your average condiment, use a funnel to pour your sauce into the container. If liek me you don't have a funnel, MAKE ONE ! I cut off the neck and shoulders of a water bottle, it worked perfectly...

Step 4: Enjoy

Picture of enjoy
Any chilihead will quickly know that this condiment goes great on hamburgers, hotdogs, lunchmeat sandwiches or even scrambled eggs. It will get hotter as it ages although it has a real nice ZING as soon as its made