Introduction: Chopstick Rollercoaster

Picture of Chopstick Rollercoaster

- saw
- hot glue
- styrofoam ball

Step 1: Cut Some Chopsticks

Picture of Cut Some Chopsticks

cut the chopsticks, the flat parts
leave the pointy end for a different instructable

Step 2: Glue the Chopsticks As This

Picture of Glue the Chopsticks As This

use the hot glue gun and join two chopsticks over the 2" sticks
leave one above the line, this will give a angle to join the rail of the roller coaster
(of love?)

make several couples

Step 3: Start Glue the Rails

Picture of Start Glue the Rails

glue the rails togheter
use 2" flat sticks to join them
assemble the roller coaster

Step 4: Roll the Ball

try it


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Bio: My name is Carolina Hunrichse, im an art teacher. I also make paper mache
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