Picture of chopsticks bracelet

make a beatiful bacelet out of reused chopsticks!
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Step 1: Cut the end of the chopsticks

Picture of cut the end of the chopsticks
- chopsticks
- a hand saw
. elastic tread

mark 2" of the pointy ends of the chopsticks

Step 2: Make 2 holes

Picture of make 2 holes

use a drill to make the holes
make 2 holes at the pointy end
and 2 holes at the wide end

Step 3: Join the chopsticks sticks

Picture of join the chopsticks sticks

use the elastic tread
join the parts one up and one down

Step 4: Wear it

Picture of wear it

and enjoy your new bracelet
zoekkk3 years ago
what size drill bit did u use?
fgredauer3 years ago
Really Cool!
iphone entsperren
Hunrichse (author) 3 years ago
thank you for your comments
scoochmaroo3 years ago
I agree, this would be great in a variety of wood stains. Lovely!
foobear3 years ago
this is super cool. with a little wood stain, this could be even better!