Picture of chrismas picture light up box
In this instructable I will be showing you how to build a simple light up Christmas picture.
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Step 1: Suplies

Picture of suplies
you will need the following

duck tape (any color)
led lights
box (slim is better, pizza boxes work well)
and something to poke holes (as big or smaller then the lights)

Step 2: Picture

Picture of picture
you will need to print out a picture for a template make sure you don't get a really complicated picture

Step 3: Out line

Picture of out line
in this step you are going to put the picture you have selected and start punching the holes on the edge of the picture (make the holes half a inch apart)
once you are done it should look like picture 2

Step 4: Cutting

Picture of cutting
the only thing in this step is going to cut the back of the box but make sure it is still connected to the box.

Step 5: Adding holes

Picture of adding holes
you will be adding holes on the inside of the outline to better fit the picture.

Step 6: Lights!!!

Picture of lights!!!
you will now be adding the lights (warning) some of the light might pop back out just put them back in until closing box. once finished you can now close the box up but make sure to keep it so you can still get to the lights. make sure to check out the lights to see if it looks good.

Step 7: Duck tape

Picture of duck tape
you will now be using your duck tape to make the background make sure to cover up the bottom if hanging.

Step 8: Finale step

Picture of finale step
now you are ready to display your master piece to the world or your guests. 
It's like a lite brite!