Picture of christmas tree door hanger
This is a step by step guide that will show you how to make a Christmas Tree that will hang from almost any door and can be decorated in endless ways.  If you're tired of a traditional wreath or just want something more substantive, this is it.
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Step 1: Gather your supplies and tools

Picture of gather your supplies and tools

The amount of some of your supplies will vary depending upon how big you make your tree.  I will list quantities of some of these for the tree I built in the pictures.

3 x 9 foot bundles of branching, bendable garland...  the kind with short 3-4 inch branches.
1 x 18 foot piece of straight, plain "tinsel garland".  I used about 10-12 feet.  It needs to have the  same color as the branching garland so it will match.
1 x wreath hanger (this will be partially visible) I used black to be less noticable.
1 x roll of wide masking tape.
1 x spool of 24 gauge green floral wire
1 x pack or spool of 18 gauge floral wire
1 x piece of foam core board or heavy cardboard (a 1 foot x 3 feet piece should be sufficient)

wire cutters or needle-nose pliers with cutters.
a knife (xacto, utility, etc. - something sharp for the foam core)

optional tools:

I really recommend eye protection while working with this fine wire.  Throughout the project it will be sticking out in the air at eye level.  24 guage wire is not good for your eyeball.  Also if you are not experienced and comfortable working with fine wire, you may want to wear gloves or you'll end up with bleeding fingertips.

You also need a door.

Step 2: Prepare the hanger


Prepare your hanger.  You can simply place your wreath hanger over the door or you can make a modification.  I wanted my hanger shorter so the top of my tree would be higher.   This is optional.

Use pliers to bend the hanger where you want the top of the tree to hang and use tin-snips (or a grinder or something appropriate) to cut off the extra metal.
kandikane4 years ago
this is a great idea for if you live in a small flat etc and cant fit a full xmas tree.
kaylorRN (author)  kandikane4 years ago
I work at a hospital, and they are a little too saftey conscious of a free standing tree, so this was an easy (and acceptable) alternative.
was this expensive to make or roughly the same as buying an artificial tree?
kaylorRN (author)  kandikane4 years ago
I wish I had kept a precise pricelist at the time... but. I bought all the garland at Michael's during a week that 'Holiday Decor' was 60 or 70% off, so the garland pieces were each like $1.50 so total cost was $20-30. Just buy smart and wait for discounts.
kaylorRN (author) 4 years ago
Price update: $12 and some change.
ChrysN5 years ago
Neat idea, it looks great!