Picture of cigarette lanyard
A long time pack and a half a day smoker I recently started using an ecigarette and am down to 2-3 regular cigarettes a day !
There are some differences to an old school cigarette that take some getting used to, it's difficult to hold it in your mouth when not actively smoking and if you put it in a pocket it can be difficult to locate quickly so I thought why not hang it around my neck?

  If your wondering about the skull...... its almost Halloween and Ive been working on several projects so it was handy when I need a way to display this creation
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Step 1: Getting started

Picture of getting started

You'll need an ecigarette and its flavor cartridges
 each cartridge comes with 2 protective silicone boots
a necklace or ribbon

Step 2: Cut

Picture of cut
I used a small razor knife to cut off the end of the protective boot leaving me a band that fits snugly around the ecigarette

Step 3: The knot

Picture of the knot

I didn't have a thin chain but I had some ladder ribbon I use to make necklaces, I did a very basic crochet/macrame chain stitch where you make a loop in the string, pass the string back through the loop to form another loop and pull the 1st loop snug and repeat as needed. I left some of the ribbon unknotted and tied the 2 ends together.

Step 4: Hang it

Picture of hang it
I slipped the knotted end of the necklace / lanyard through the silicone band and slipped it over the ecigarette , put the lanyard over my head and adjusted the ecig to hang comfortably.

 If your interested in ecigs the people at www.empireofecigs.com are great and will work with you to insure you get the best out of the product
dragonriot3 years ago
Not a bad idea... though if you're still smoking regular cigarettes, you're doin it wrong. =) You might try investing in a bigger PV (personal vaporizer) than the standard e-cigarettes... They may not look like a cigarette anymore, but that's kinda the point. They take away the feeling of holding a cigarette to your lips, and actually do help you quit and take away any cravings you might have. As a bonus, the better the device you get, the more vapor you can produce, which translates into more of a feeling of "blowing smoke", which is what most people who keep smoking while using e-cigs are missing. I love making huge clouds of smoke, so having a vape that can make huge billowing clouds of vapor is ideal. E-Cigs just aren't capable of producing any appreciable vapor compared to even the most basic custom Mod.