this is my first instructable, say what you like in comments.
So this may seem like a very weird post, but very cool.
Im going to show you and tell you how to circuit bend, and how to cut a pcb into peaces, and then put it all in a awesome altoid tin
I hope you like it!

Step 1: parts/ tools

I am not responsible for any of your actions, ingress, or damaged parts/ tools/ your self.
you are using instructables at your own risk...... blaa blaa blaa blaaaaa...

Any ways you are going to need the following tools:

1. drill/dermal (not shown)
2. wire clippers/ stripers
3. needle nose pliers
4. soldering iron
5. solder
6. exzactoblad
7. screw driver
8. ruler
9. pen/ pencil
10. a know-how of working each tool (not shown)
11. common sense (not shown)
12. a know-how of electronics (not shown)


And you are going to need the following parts:

1. hook-up wire (I used telephone wire, and stranded wire)
2. heat sink
3. switches/ push buttons... etc..
4. different resistor values/ pot
5. different caps values
6. diodes/ rectifiers
7. "mono-jack" (what ever size you want)
8. different kinds of resistive sensors
10. different kinds of capsitiv sensors
11. red led
12. tap and glue
13. electronic toy/ nose make ( this is the bass of the project) you may have to go through many toys to find a good one with lots of bends and gulches, and easy enough to cut and fit/ fit into an tin/ box of what ever u want. Im using a altoid tin!
14. Altoid tin/ box you want to use
15. body contacts anything mettle really will work like a fork or a skew


  • note parts 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 13, and 14 you can change them, they are for circuit bending
Hey. Love this bend. We have made many bent musical toys. I have a stack of synthesisers but playing with the bent musical toys is fun and spontanious. We jack them out into a 300 watt keyboard amp with fx panel. Some of these divices give the old analog synths a run for there money. The work nice for live perfomance also. People wonder what your playing and how are you makeing the awsome sounds with them. Loops, glitches and pitch bends can do alot of effects and I suggest any electronic musicial should make a few bends and blow your mind.I will post some instructions for several projects like the speak and spell, the red apple, and the music stick with led eyeball. Prowl the yardsales and buy all the musical/sound toys you can get your hands on. Bendable toys on ebay are getting expensive. maddrandall@ www.maddrandall.com
Wow, I'm 15, and I don't even know how to do what your talking about. And I really like electronics, If any one can help simply this instructable, please email me at jared.kindred@gmail.com, subject - Instructable Help -
Nice little glitch box. What toy is this anyway? That led behind the speaker grill, is a cool idea. Why not mount those switches on the tin? If you add some time-based documentation it would improve this instructable greatly.
ehhm.......... what does this do? I'm sorry i just don't understand!
your taking a electronic piano and making it fight in a tin
o ok
He's not he only one on the net who needs to edit. At least do a spell check. DrThousand
This just seems to be a bunch of random photos and an explanation of vague & general nothing-in-particular. Thanks loads!
what exactly does the glitch switch do?
you know on a guitar you can put in in to a "clean" or "destroyed" jack? well its like a guitar distortion
You never said anything about leds in this... So why is it in the LED contest?
I know that the red led in the speaker holes is not a very good excuse to put this in to the led contest but heck you never know....
Oh. I just didn't see that part of the instructable.
question: if i made an entire other project and in 1 of the pictures i putted some led flashlight its legal to post in the competition!? that makes it waay to easy
yeah it is but like what Aar000n3y said its less likely to win, i just put it in to get people to see this.. AND ITS WORKING!! sorry....
That's the way the competition is set up. Although those instructables are probably less likely to win.
Wow.... awesome job. And ANY PROJECT with an LED light is allowed in the contest. Great job, looks hard!

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