circuit board 1#

Step 1: Circiut Board 2

Circuit board out of a light up candle i just ripped the componants off I recommend desoldering.#

Step 2: Altoids Tin Carring Case

#I use an altoids tin to carry the necklaces
Good idea! Like to see more...
thanks i made steampunk earrings that are really cool they have maching gears and are made entirely out of watch parts
I would 'paint' both sides of the circuit board with nail varnish to prevent the metals corroding. Old circuit boards used lead in their solder and this would react with the natural moisture of your skin to release the toxic lead.
good idea I don't even wear the necklaces anymore 'cause I don't know where they are
Clever, but I'd like to see more!
im going to make led jewelry soon after i get the clasps

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