Claw Mod for Buckler Sheild





Introduction: Claw Mod for Buckler Sheild

This is a claw mod I made to my shield. works well and cool

Step 1: Build Sheild

first you need to build aall50's shield but remove the handle you hold onto.

Step 2: Claw Blades

you need 2 of blade A and one blade B

Step 3: Handle

this is what you hold on to and what the blades will attach to

Step 4: Attatch

attach the blades to the handle as shown

Step 5: Final Attachment

now attach the handle to the sheild



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     i have a new mod 4 this but no hints

    the best knex thing i ever made but i had two attachments that attched my arm to the sheild

    1 reply

    i also added more bendy knex to the bottom for more support

    5*s dude this is awesome u know the game dynasty warriors well there is a character named meng huo and this weapon reminds me o f him

    1 reply

    never played it so wouldn't know

    BY the way i made the buckler. This is just a MOD.

    1 reply

    thats what i said

    Hey i just built it and its awesome!!!! its giving me soar knuckles LOL

    4 replies

    that is why i made it a green in the middle otherwise it pokes to much tell me if you find a way to fix that ps i have small hands so it will feel different on me

    yeah i dunno if i will but ill try lol

    No problem :D

    thank you i was originally only going to make the claw but decided to add too sheild

    Your welcome! Yeah I'm probably gonna build it!

    this looks really nice, im not going to build it though