Introduction: Claymation



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    My fav is the second one! Good job! 5*

    Thanks, that's probably my favorite too. :)

    I really like your 'true colours' claymation which you haven't linked here, but you need to get yourself a better tripod and / or a remote release.  Also, I'd suggest using manual mode and setting a fixed aperture and focus on your camera if you can as there is a lot of variation between frames at the moment.  Nice work though.  I'd do more claymation if I had the time.

    Thanks :) most of the time I find myself just taping the camera down or using a crappy tripod to keep it still. Also I don't have a remote for my point and shoot camera pressing the shutter button always seems to cause some kind of alteration of the position. I don't know a lot about camera terminology, so manual settings are kind of hard for me to use. I use macro sometimes, but my camera dies sometimes in the middle of the project and when I turn it back on I forget to turn macro back on, so that is sometimes the cause of the focus changing.
    Thanks a lot for the suggestions, I appreciate it.