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ugh, we all dislike greasy thumb prints on our iphone screen protecters. most of us think "oh well, time for a new one" well you can stop thinking that now!! heres what youll need

rubbing alcohol

iphone screen protecter
cling wrap
cotton balls and q tip

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grab your supplies

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take your screen protecter off DO NOT set it down on any surface!!! First put cling wrap on the surface you wish to put your screen protecter on, then set you screen protecter on it. this eliminates dust sticking to the sticky part

(sorry, you can barely see the screen protecter in the pic)

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put rubbing alchol on a cotton ball and rub it around the surface till the thumb prints come off, then dry with another cotton ball. then take a q tip and rub the home button with a little alcohol

then you are done!!


neo71665 (author)2014-01-23

I clean mine on the phone, as long as the cotton ball is only moist (not dripping) I've never had a problem. Most of the time I use baby wipes anyways.

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