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if you are looking to make a airsoft riot shield and use guns up to 400 fps this instructable is worth looking into because it is cheap and strong.

Step 1: Materials

window screen(i had onne lying around)
duct tape (optional)
2 rolls of clear packaging tape(i used scotch mailing and packaging tape)
some time(it can take a while)

Step 2: Layering

Picture of Layering

First lay the first strip of tape horizontally acrost the top trying not to make air bubbles. next continue to lay strips overlapping them slightly until you get to the bottom.

                                                       NO AIR BUBBLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Step 3: Layering Cont.

Picture of Layering Cont.

add a vertical layer over the last one and put a layer on back. if you want to make it even stronger add another layer on the back

Step 4: Detail

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now i added a duct tape border around the edge

Step 5: Testing...


legomaster50 (author)2010-12-16

Is that an airsplat sticker?

garrett10 (author)2010-08-05

Would the tape break someone shot a paintball gun within, say, 35 feet?

pat4027 (author)garrett102010-08-07

i am not sure it would have to depend on how powerful it is

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