Climbing Vine Afghan





Introduction: Climbing Vine Afghan

I made this afghan, my first big project, using a pattern from the Leisure Arts book Flower Garden Afghans, by Rena V. Stevens. I used Lion Brand Wool Ease yarns. I loved the patterns because they are so different, as you can see the flowers and vines are overlaying the base layer, but are actually crocheted at the same time, not tacked on later. This photo shows a close up of a "berry" panel that also features vines and leaves.

Step 1: Two Panels

This photo shows both the "berry" panel and the simpler "vine" panel.The finished afghan has 3 "berry" panels and 4 "vine" panels joined by a trellis-like chain stitch.

Step 2: A Larger View

The finished afghan is 72" by 51". I get distracted easily, so it took me over a year to finish this-but I am really glad I did.

Step 3: Cozy!

I hope you liked the Climbing Vines afghan, too. Thanks for visiting!



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Great instructable may I ask what camera you used?

I searched everywhere and found the greatest crochet treasure! This website has sources for all of the hard to find patterns, including this climbing vine, which I had to have!! If you are a pattern junkie and love to find vintage crochet patterns or anything crochet check it out! The book - "Flower Garden Afghans by Rena V. Stevens" can be purchased via, along with many other vintage crochet leaflets and books by Leisure Arts, American School of Needlework, Heirloom Creations, Shady Lane, Susan Bates and an extensive inventory of out-of-print crochet titles. Tell Jennie that Linda from sent you!!

This is beautiful. Do you still have the pattern and if so, is it one you can share?

The pattern is from the Leisure Arts book "Flower Garden Afghans", by Rena V. Stevens. I think it is available if you check online. Thanks for the kind words!

Awesome job, that looks huge! Great job, afghans rule!

lol! nerdiest comment ever! (but I agree) :P

Great work. I really like the ornament in it.

This is gorgeous, love the colors

Beautiful! One of the most elegants afghans I have seen. The 3-d effect is very attractive. Wonderful! I love it.

that's lovely! the 3d elements are just wonderful.