Introduction: Clothespin Gun

Picture of Clothespin Gun
a gun made out of a clothes pin that shoots toothpicks

Step 1: Taking Apart

Picture of Taking Apart

take the close pin a apart it should look like this

Step 2: The Trigger

Picture of The Trigger

take the clothespin spring and stsch it to the bottum end of the clothespin it should look like the picture

Step 3: The Well

Picture of The Well

use your knife and ingrave a little well so the trigger can catch when you cock it

Step 4: The Ammo Slot

Picture of The Ammo Slot

use your knife to carve a slot were the toothpick will go

Step 5: Ammo

Picture of Ammo

get some thin toothpicks then break them each in half

Step 6: Firing Sequence

Picture of Firing Sequence

you can shoot toothpicks peices of grafite needles or other objects please do not fire at people.


brepsaj (author)2012-12-30

the instructions are missing details.

moneyfuskie935 (author)2012-02-06

Why do you need such a big knife? Not that I don't like big knives...

nck_munoz (author)2010-04-10

i think ststch means attach since the "A" and "S" keys are next to each and for a fast typer or inaccurate typer this could have happened

daninja (author)2009-07-07

Stsch? Thats not a word nor could it be a word because there are no vowels!

Colonel88 (author)daninja2009-12-13

what about WTF? and yes it is a word. Just look on Urban Dictionary. :D

-KungPow- (author)Colonel882010-04-02

hehehe i like Urban Dictionary. good place to go. lol and i agree with daninja, what the crap is Stsch???

Apple_4_life (author)2010-03-13

also, work on your english (its good.. but needs work :P)

Apple_4_life (author)2010-03-13

 good instructable! but i would work on making the ammo hold a bit deeper it might make it go further (i think)

Modarius (author)2008-11-16

I used to make these all the time!!

dutchboy777 (author)2008-08-22

whats the range?

clayo (author)dutchboy7772008-08-22

it dipends all are different it also depends on the tooth picks you use if the round one break of the end i got like 10 feet straight at max speed intill it droped

panzerunit5 (author)2008-08-22

OW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I freakin just sliced my thumb OW!

clayo (author)panzerunit52008-08-22

ouch thats gota hurt be careful

jdog003 (author)2008-08-06

it looks easy how gansta am i ps 5+70= 1209

clayo (author)jdog0032008-08-07


Lt. Duct Tape (author)2008-07-14

One of my teachers (and closest friends) taught me how to make one of these. As it turns out, students of the 50s, like him, used these to fire matches and toothpicks (I use toothpicks) and it's a lot of fun lawl

clayo (author)Lt. Duct Tape2008-07-15

nice i learned it from my cousins dad in childrens church when i was 6! but thats awsome

fighterpilot1 (author)2008-06-17

i was expecting more, i was expecting quite a bit more.

mitul117 (author)2008-05-29

it has bad accuricy

crazyman1221 (author)2008-04-16

Dude I have no clue on how fire the dang thing. You video was to dark so I couldn't see what you were doing!!!

clayo (author)crazyman12212008-05-03

ok ill tell you when you are done you take the other side of the closepin than push the metal part with no curl back to the little ditch i ingraved in the ditch so it wouldn't come out then you pull the bottum like a gun trigger i hope this helps if not mabe i could make another video

drummonkey92 (author)2008-03-24

this is cool, but the idea has been done before in different shapes n sizes using that firing mechanism. nice tho

clayo (author)drummonkey922008-03-24

yeah I know its been done but I did it like along time ago my cousin should me win I was like 8

TheDunkis (author)2008-03-24

lol will you ever cease to amaze me? Now try making something out of knex that you can post here. I know your capable of making a gun as good as my latest uzi.

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