Cloud Earrings





Introduction: Cloud Earrings

hey everyone it's Kelly and today we'll be making cute cloud earrings for staying at home or going out. ENJOY!

Step 1: Supplies

1- jewelry wire
2- pliers
3- round nose pliers
4- wire cutters or scissors

Step 2: Start Up

cut a long length of wire (it doesn't matter the EXACT length) and bend the part that'll go into your ear!

Step 3: First Curl

to make the actual cloud form you'll need separate curls. (I like to use 4) to start, make the first curly

Step 4: 2nd Curl

then do your second curly

Step 5: Keep Going

just make three more so out of all of them, you have 5

Step 6: Close the Earring

make a loop with your round nose pliers next to the part where it goes in your ear. (about the size of the curls in your earring)

take the excess wire off and viola

Step 7: Finished Product

the earrings complete!
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Step 8:



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    What a clever idea! Thanks for sharing and do have a splendorous day!


    do you really wear this ear ring outside??

    i mean when u go public place

    Ps: love the location in your bio! So creative and funny

    This is really cool! You're so creative and unique! I hope you get a bunch if followers real soon and keep creating!

    good idea Penelopy! thanks:)

    Very cute idea! To go really crazy, you could tie some ribbons from it :) Rainbow!