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18 mm mdf-contra-massive panel using cnc ready files from which you can make easy cot

Step 1:

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I share DWG files if you want, you can set according to your own dimensions
We set up our production at the start anymore now we measure

Step 2:

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CNC manufacturing needed to make .ISO files I share.
1. to get enough of 24 mm in diameter using a knife manufacturing did you know how to use one of the blade profile
2. the file is set up according to the blade 6 mm straight cut this file makes the interior areas of the
3. the file is prepared for the 6 mm flat blade back and slicer makes the segments of teeth

Step 3:

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the dimensions of 3 x 3 cm pieces that you have made and combine parts using solid lumber

Step 4:

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the bed is made up of 2 parts bars in front of this connect to each other with two piece hinge and complete bed

Step 5: Real Size or Dolly Size

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large cnc machine non-friends to dwg file sizes by playing with your children's dolls in the beds you can produce
the most pleasant thing in the world to please kids and one of the things.


HomerS6 (author)2016-11-14

Great Job!

seamster (author)2015-02-20

This is a great looking crib! Very nice work!

Are you going to finish it in any special way? Paint, stain? I'd love to see how it looks when it's all done.

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