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This is a coat rack i made out of an old piece of 4X4, (nicely cracked up), some 2X4 pieces, and railway spikes. The 4X4 is 6' tall with 4 16" 2X4s at the base all screwed together and sanded. To attached the spikes i just drilled a 5/8" pilot hole about halfway through and hammered them in. Works pretty good hasn't tipped over yet anyways haha.


LennyW4 (author)2016-09-09

Nice one Dave. I Love it. I made exactly the same one. Great Minds.

Have a Great Day.

hamoncan (author)2015-02-27

Great idea for the "feet" - simple but I've never seen one done that way

daveofwar (author)2013-09-30

Used an old 4x4. And thanks. If you want spikes take a walk down any railroad tracks, old ones laying everywhere.

manderw (author)2013-09-26

Nice and simple! I don't have any railway spikes but I do have an old 2x4.

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