Picture of coconut headphones
For my entry into the laser-cutter competition, I decided to make a pair of coconut headphones. It took me about 2-3 hours to make, and it cost about $15 AUD.

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Step 1: Tools and materials

Picture of Tools and materials
The parts list:
~2m of 4 core speaker cable, $3-$4 (this was complete overkill. get thinner cable)
2 speakers, $4-$5
stereo jack, $1.95
coconut, $2
headphone thingy, free from airline.

The tools list:
soldering iron
cordless drill
drill bits
hot glue gun
dremel (not shown)
heat gun
I like them. I was always a big fan of The Professor on Gilligan's Island.
frogzilla4 years ago
palmer975 years ago
i like the other coco nut headphones beter i think u should thake ideas from that guuy
the_mad_man (author)  palmer975 years ago
if its the same one I'm thinking of, his are a lot better than mine but I didn't have the tools or materials to make his one.
Xamith6 years ago
why not just clack the two coconut halves together?
the_mad_man (author)  Xamith6 years ago
because that would be not hard.
ggaby6 years ago
To get the coconuts smooth, let them on a aquarium with fishes like ancistrus. They will eat all the fiber outside the shell.
the_mad_man (author)  ggaby6 years ago
but wouldn't that rot the wood?
I don't know why but the wood will not rot. I have coconuts on my aquarium for years now.
the_mad_man (author)  ggaby6 years ago
that's strange, but cool. I'll have to put the one a screwed up in my tank.
if you want to let the coconuts in your tank, you can had javamoss. It's not necessary to boil it to remove tannins. You can do a search in google with the keywords "aquarium coconuts" or ask me if you want more details.
leon finally you did something you said your going to
cosgrove6 years ago
I would suggest adding some foam over the speakers to keep them hidden, and also some around the edge of the coconut, to make it more comfortable, Great Idea though, Castaway Tech Much?