These coconut milk and fruit juice popsicles are some of the easiest and tastiest ones I make! They're super beautiful too. You can really use any fruit juice you want - I especially like guava, mango and pineapple. All of those juices go great with coconut milk.

But be warned: if you're not the biggest fan of coconut these are not for you. The flavor is really intense. :D

Passo 1: Ingredients

  • one can full fat coconut milk (12 oz )
  • one can fruit juice of choice (12 oz )
  • sugar to sweeten coconut milk if desired (I used 2 tablespoons)
  • teaspoon of vanilla extract (optional, but great when added to the coconut milk!)

It's best if you use a fruit juice with a little body, so look for fruit nectars or fruit juice with pulp. I love guava and mango nectars - they're my absolute favorites.

Don't use low fat coconut milk or coconut water - you need the fat in the coconut milk to keep the popsicles more creamy. Without it, they can turn out a little more icy and crystalize quite a bit.

This recipe fits perfectly into these popsicle molds. I have some at home and at the Instructables test kitchen and use them all the time. They're excellent all purpose popsicle molds! :D

Passo 2: Fill the popsicle molds

Use the measuring cup to do all your pouring so you have less mess!

Shake the can of coconut milk and pour it into a measuring cup. Add sugar to taste - I added 2 tablespoons. (Add vanilla right now if you want it!) Mix well.

Pour the sweetened coconut milk into the molds - try to fill them all pretty evenly.

Then rinse out the measuring cup and pour the fruit juice into it. Use the measuring cup to pour the fruit juice slowly into the molds. If you pour too fast or from too high, the two will mix too much. You want a nice white layer at the bottom and a slightly marbled layer of fruit juice at the top. :)

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