These cookies combine the great flavours of coffee, walnut, chocolate and fudge into one glorious sweet treat with quite a grown up flavour. I was originally inspired by one of my Christmas gifts, the momofuko milk bar recipe book from Christina Tosi. It’s a fascinating read with some awesome and slightly ‘out-there’ creations. I was particularly intrigued by using glucose in the cookie dough mix. Apparently it helps to give cookies a ‘fudgy centre and crispy edges, and it also increases their shelf life.’ I was also intrigued by their 'compost cookies' that amongst many other items includes ground coffee. This then inspired me to experiment with my own cookie flavours and do something a little unexpected. So here is my coffee, chocolate, fudge and walnut cookies. They need a better name but the recipe works. Try them out and let me know if you can think of a better name.

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Step 1: Ingredients (Makes About 22-24 Cookies)

225g unsalted butter at rom temperature
200g granulated sugar
150g light brown sugar
50g glucose
1 egg
½ tsp vanilla extract
225g bread flour
½ tsp baking powder
¼ tsp bicarbonate soda
1 tsp salt
100g fudge pieces
100g dark chocolate chunks (I use a bar of dark chocolate and roughly chop it with a knife but use pre-formed chips if you like)
150g walnuts, roughly chopped
2-3 tsp fresh ground coffee
mmmm these look so good. i am so hungry now!
Uh. Yum. Wow. These look delicious! <br>Chunky with chocolate and coffee AND walnuts? I'm there!
These look awesome....
They taste awesome too. I wasn't sure if the flavours would work but they rock.

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