Picture of coffee cup purse
this bag is made entirely out of coffee cups both ceramic and paper. It was entirely hand sewn, with a bit of hot glue. (god the time i spent, really im just lazy). please please enjoy. (please).
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Step 1: Materials

this is cheap and requires few materials:
1. paper, not styrofoam, coffee cups (i used a little more than 9 16 oz cups)
2. string i used embriodery floss
3. some ceramic coffee cups
4. coffee cup sleeve or whatever you call it
5. 1 button
6. some hot glue
7. some kind of elastic string like a rubber band or a hair tie

Step 2: Taking apart the cups

Picture of taking apart the cups
decide on the size and shape of the bag. draw a picture if needed. take the coffee cups and disassemble them, cut down the side and cut off the rim and the base, along with the part that attaches the base to the cup. lay the cup out can then take a straightedge and and draw the shape and size on the coffee cup. cut this out. you will do this for the flap, the back and the part under the flap.

Step 3: The panels

Picture of the panels

take what you made in the first step this step depends on how many cups you used. i overlapped 2 cups one detailed and one detailed and one white. i secured the two by hot glueing them together at the corners. i did this twice and then secured them with glue at the corners and sewed the two panels together. ( how confused are you) do this for all 3 panels. the back and the part under the flap being slightly longer.

snotty4 years ago
I like it :)

There are a few ways to make the busted coffee mugs less sharp. One way is to sand the edges for a while or grind them on a flat abrasive surface like a rock. Don't breath the dust; it will cut your lungs if you breath a lot. 

Another way is to put glue on the sharp parts to round them off a bit.
ATOMIKMONKEY (author)  snotty4 years ago
cool I did sand the pieces. Gluing them is a good idea.
Sasha09084 years ago
this is cool.
ATOMIKMONKEY (author)  Sasha09084 years ago
thanks a ton
ATOMIKMONKEY (author) 5 years ago
thanks alot i love getting feedback
ChrysN5 years ago
Nice, what a great idea!