Picture of coin slot detector
by: amy khoshbin
her website: www.tinyscissors.com

when your coin slot is exposed, this wearable hip-pack vibrates that area to make you aware of it. you decide to cover up, or let it all hang out.

the coin slot detector is a simple way to tackle the complicated modern problem low-rise jeans can cause. with this hip pack, now your coin slot itself is given the sensory power to alert you as to when it's exposed. both you and your coin slot decide what's next. 

tech summary: using a Lilypad Arduino, vibrating motor, and a photoresistor (measures the amount of light in your coin slot), you will make a wearable apparatus. when the photoresistor/your coin slot is covered, the hip-pack is at rest, when it/your coin slot is exposed, this triggers the vibrating motor to start vibrating & let the user know.

Step 1: Ingredients

Picture of ingredients
get your ingredients together!

for this project you'll need:
-11.5 x 14.5 in fabric
-conductive thread
-lilypad arduino
-vibrating motor
-1N4004 diode
-photoresistor (sometimes called photo cell)
-1.5 to 5 V step-up battery pack
-wire cutters
-snap tool
-suspender clips
-plastic tubing

for protoyping (not pictured):
-breadboard (you can buy this at Radio Shack)
-Arduino Diecimila
-USB cable
-alligator clips (also buy these at Radio Shack)
-USB to Serial Converter
-female headers

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so funny! great project!!

grannyjones7 months ago

My brother has a bud vase. Or maybe that should be butt vase.

ecki2422 years ago
First: Thumbs up, cool project. :)
To add the german version: "Maurer Dekolleté", literally translated as "bricklayers décolletage"....
Hi Amy, Over here in england we call it A Bricklayers Arse, Or when you spot one We ask politly "Can i park my bicycle"
We call it a plumber's crack (Mid-Northern USA), probably for similar reasons.
smogit bmlbytes6 years ago
Not sure what part of England you come from, but in my part we call it builders bum, so much more polite...
Yeah, sounds about right for yourkshire people.. :)
It's called Plumber's Crack here in Australia too...
Just goes to show the world is being Americanised - in a good way, of course ;D
Nhuun Spannerz4 years ago
We call it a plumber's crack (or just plumber) here in Iceland too ;D
Hi Again guys & gal's, Just got in from work and watching a cooking competition, Theres a guy with 2 bicycle parking placesshowing above his jeans, The commentator said "I thought you said your a cook not a plumber"
sometimes in america we say "crack attack!"
Or we might say the moon is awfully bright tonight.
or "say no to crack"
ahuerta ilpug3 years ago
Even "crack kills" works.
Me too!!! Don't do crack! (:
sneak right up behind his back,
and strike match
and drop the burning sulfur right between their cheeks!
The Crack Is Back - Hehe xD
by speaking ENGLISH?? :)
This is a totally funny project. I can not comment on the electronics as I am old schooled in electronics. Your photos are consistently excelent. I read about half the comments and others appreciate your efforts, as do I. If your not a Tech or EE, I would be surprised. Please give us more when you can! Thanks.
tuttle19703 years ago
Southern saying..... Crack Kills
techboy4113 years ago
COOL. so silly!!!LOL
we call it in nz builders crack
oRelyTo4 years ago
:P I am confused.
Ha ha! I had to laugh as my friend works on real coin slots. I did not realize what it was till I clicked for a closer look.
Buy (or in true instructabler spirit, make) a belt. Problem solved. That's right, it took me two seconds to outsmart your arduino photoresistor flux capacitor stuff.
genius! a belt with the arduino photoresistor flux capacitor stuff!

besides, who dosen't like overcomplicating things?
wbothun hintss4 years ago
Maybe a belt with the photoresister that will engage a belt-tightener
You don't need the Arduino, just wire the photoresistor between the motor and the battery, cheap solution. Or use a MOSFET with a diode to block inductive kickback, if you can be arsed.
 The photoresistor will take some of the voltage from the motor and will eventually burn out if you just hook it up in a line. The arduino is the most reliable way to go.
No, read the post above and that is the easiest and cheapest way, a arduino is OVERKILL for something as simple as that!
I'd rather just stick with the quarter, but have fun being polite and all.
NachoMahma6 years ago
. Fantastic job! Great iBle and terrific sense of humor.
whats your microQR code (atleast it dosen't seem to have the 4th square on it) say?
. PS: so you don't have to download the pic and then upload it to the site, it says "NachoMahma" :)
Plumber crack detector. very nice. very nice.
angelabchua5 years ago
hahahahha man, we need a video of this in action! I know I have been an offender once or twice, or 12 times.
 HaHAhahAha Kickass
harrydask885 years ago
dangeross5 years ago
 lol! this is awesome! ur a genius!
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