Coke Cannon





Introduction: Coke Cannon

pnuematic pvc marble gun that can easily shoot over a building.
just make sure you like coke or diet coke. Also shoots marshmellows for hurting your friends!

Step 1: Materials

You will need a :
1) 2liter coke bottle
2) 1/2ball valve
3) 1/2 two part screw together coupling
4) 1/2 pvc pipe
5) two 90 degree elbows
6) bike tire valve
7) 1/2 conector
8) epoxy

Step 2: Asemble

glue all of the parts behind ball valve. then assemble like so.

Step 3: Easy Stashing

unscrewable barrel for easy storing

Step 4: Fireing and Loading

unscrew removable barrel load marchmellows in back. Load marbles from front without unscrewing. Pump to until your satisfied. Throw the ball valve. It will shoot really fast so watch out for ricosheting marbles.



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    is the bike valve 1-way?
    {can you pump it, take the bike valve off, and walk around to shoot it so you dont have to carry a bike pump when you walk around??

    Yes it is.

    My bad, don't use pop bottles and they are rated to 70-80

    Please for the love of safety do use a pop bottle. Yes, I know they are rate to around 80-70 psi but under constant release and compression cycles it will weaken the plastic and cause a explosion. These bottles exploding could cause hearing damage and lacerations due to plastic shrapnel. Spend the extra 20$ to buy some proper pressure rated PVC and seal it with JB weld.

    Hi, I'm having some trouble connecting the coke bottle to the pipe. The pipe I'm using has an outside diameter of 15mm and my inside diameter of the coke bottle is 22mm. I can't think of any ways to securely and air-tightly connect the two. Any ideas?

    Sorry for late reply, but how about using super glue and glue it on then duct tape it?

     Too late mate,
    I got a connector piece from 15mm to 22mm then glued a small piece of 22mm pipe into the mouth of the bottle.
    Thanks anyway though.

    Where did you find the ball valve and bike tire valve? I looked for it at lowes and couldn't find it.