Picture of coke cannon
pnuematic pvc marble gun that can easily shoot over a building.
just make sure you like coke or diet coke. Also shoots marshmellows for hurting your friends!

Step 1: Materials

Picture of materials
cannon 010.jpg
cannon 009.jpg
cannon 011.jpg
cannon 004.jpg
cannon 005.jpg
You will need a :
1) 2liter coke bottle
2) 1/2ball valve
3) 1/2 two part screw together coupling
4) 1/2 pvc pipe
5) two 90 degree elbows
6) bike tire valve
7) 1/2 conector
8) epoxy
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DanTDM1 year ago

Good job, -copper tube-. You are right.

is the bike valve 1-way?
{can you pump it, take the bike valve off, and walk around to shoot it so you dont have to carry a bike pump when you walk around??

Yes it is.

stahlman2 years ago
My bad, don't use pop bottles and they are rated to 70-80
stahlman2 years ago
Please for the love of safety do use a pop bottle. Yes, I know they are rate to around 80-70 psi but under constant release and compression cycles it will weaken the plastic and cause a explosion. These bottles exploding could cause hearing damage and lacerations due to plastic shrapnel. Spend the extra 20$ to buy some proper pressure rated PVC and seal it with JB weld.
spikemp6 years ago
Hi, I'm having some trouble connecting the coke bottle to the pipe. The pipe I'm using has an outside diameter of 15mm and my inside diameter of the coke bottle is 22mm. I can't think of any ways to securely and air-tightly connect the two. Any ideas?

Sorry for late reply, but how about using super glue and glue it on then duct tape it?

 Too late mate,
I got a connector piece from 15mm to 22mm then glued a small piece of 22mm pipe into the mouth of the bottle.
Thanks anyway though.
Where did you find the ball valve and bike tire valve? I looked for it at lowes and couldn't find it.
iceman15 years ago
 actually talleu this is a muzzle loaded air cannon so therefore you could only  get 1 shot out of this air cannon per shot and if you had a pvc pressure chamber and make it larger than your barrel you could use 125 psi out of this air cannon use pvc primer and cement it sets quicker and is cheaper than epoxy it melts the pvc together and it makes them  chemically "welded" together so therefor it has a stronger bonding strength 
lemonie8 years ago
I'm confused by "Also shoots marshmellows for hurting your friends!" - marbles wouldn't?
Marbles dont hurt your friends: at 150 psi, they kill them.

kill? they pulverize uur friends there wont be a friend left if u shoot him or her with a marble

frik yessssss!
bighead54545 years ago
hey load this up with snowballs and shoot passing cars9i am EVIL) Muahahahahahahahaha
gunmanx8 years ago
anyone no were to get pvc for cheep price
$1.90 at Lowes I was there yesterday but I don't know about Home Depot
1/2 inch
First off Lowes has 1/2 inch pvc there and it's 1.90 I didn't add the tax because I don't know where you live hope this helps bye
lucek gunmanx7 years ago
ask at construction site. they may have scrap
you could try stealing it, but no one likes a criminal record
hmmm theres ppl tht work on my garden and they gave my freinds little bro som pvc to play with i cud get it frm them
bigfootduck7 years ago
I made my own design and it takes about 90 psi! It can shoot AA batteries about 200 feet! I spray painted mine black and green
blugyblug7 years ago
Use PVC Cement... And not epoxy
Derin blugyblug7 years ago
cement? first pic or second?
blugyblug Derin7 years ago
Lol theres a type of glue specially made for PVC. And its called PVC Cement. Its not like a powder that you mix with water, you put primer on it first and then the cement. The primer and cement contain ketones which melt the PVC together. The primer is completely made up of Ketones, but the cement has Ketones and some type of glue. "cement' is actually wrong, it should be called welding or solventing. Search "How to Solvent Weld PVC" theres an instructable on how to do it.
Derin blugyblug7 years ago
well the glue on pic no 2 works wit no primer
PVC cement is a bottle of usally a dark blue color of glue. It comes with a brush. You just put it on a PVC pipe and stick together. It dries on like 10 seconds and is impossible to separate without cutting it. It's also air tight.
YEah, its a liquid lol. Just use what you are supposed to use, PVC Cement. It doesnt dry in 10secs, it takes like a day to fully cure. Unless your talking about setting...
Derin blugyblug7 years ago
my glue is same
blugyblug Derin7 years ago
Fine, you can use your weird glue but your gun will probably blow up. PVC Cement costs like $5.
Derin blugyblug7 years ago
i know it can blow up but we dont have pvc cement where i live *goes to grab pvc welder*
Derin Derin7 years ago
Yes,they make welders for pvc:)
well the same thing goes with the glue except 24 HRS setting time
lucek Derin7 years ago
not true. this stuff makes the 2 pipe parts 1. it is fing strong.
blugyblug Derin7 years ago
But thats not PVC Cement. It won't be as strong as PVC Cement welds.
edukdu8 years ago
A PET Bottle can carry more less 60 psi...at 70psi it will inflate like a ballon...but it can hang on... See ya Edu Gomes
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