Picture of cold bean bag face mask
I keep a couple of these in the freezer at all times. They come in handy if you get overheated mowing the lawn or if you wake in the night with a hot flash. I've made mine from the sleeves of a t-shirt left over from my last instructable entry (check it out). I've also made it large enought that it can be used for my face or for my neck and shoulders. With 5 minutes, a $1 bag of beans, and  a bit of leftover fabric you can be chillin' too!
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Step 1: Cut your pieces of fabric

Picture of cut your pieces of fabric
summer sewing contest 2 004.jpg
summer sewing contest 2 005.jpg
summer sewing contest 2 006.jpg
Cut your fabric in the desired shape. Remember to allow 5/8 inch for seam allowances.

Step 2: Sew the two pieces of fabric together

Picture of Sew the two pieces of fabric together
I'v used dark thread so that you can see the seam however you may want to match your thread and fabric color. Leave a 2-3 inch open space on the straight side of your mask.

Step 3: Add the beans to your mask

Picture of Add the beans to your mask
summer sewing contest 2 010.jpg
Turn your mask right side out and fill. I've used navy beans because they are small but you can use any beans or even short grain rice. I fashioned a small funnel out of paper and pinned it to the opening to make it easier to fill. I bag of beans filled this mask, but you should adjust to you liking.

Step 4: Sew the mask closed and put it in the freezer

Picture of Sew the mask closed and put it in the freezer
stitch the opening closed as shown. You are ready to freeze and enjoy. You can make a cover for your bean bag face mask if you like. Enjoy!
Chloe81 year ago
Nice work.
very nice :0)