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i like working with cold porcelain
it is easy make dough


3/4 cup of white glue
1 cup cornstarch
1 teaspoon of cold cream*
1 teaspoon of glycerin

Mix wet ingredients until si like working with cold porcelain
it is easy make dough  consists of
mooth over medium heat. Cook for a few minutes and add cornstarch. Stir continually until it forms a ball, remove from pan and mix thoroughly with hands. (I like to cover with a damp cloth until its cool enough to handle) do not refrigerate. Keep in an airtight bag.

Step 1:

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we need
cp paste
wire to make tree shape like
water colors
spray varnish

cut different lengths of wire and
wind them together
to make the tree shape
fix it on a base
i used cd case and wrap down
the wire around the middle

Step 2:

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start with the upper branches
put a coat of white glue
on the branch and make thin stripe
of the paste , wrap it around the
wire tightly to prevent air pockets
between the wire and the paste

Step 3:

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complete the rest of  the branches
to have this tree

Step 4:

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make small flowers

Step 5:

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make small leaves

Step 6:

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now we color the tree with brown color

Step 7:

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stick  the flowers and the leaves on the branches

Step 8:

you will see cracks in the tree when the dough dry , do not worry
they make it looks natural

Step 9:

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paint the flowers and the  branches
finally use the spray varnish to get
a shiny colors


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Whitewitch (author)2011-06-26

This is beautiful! I love trees and take pics of them all the time.

twighahn (author)2010-11-18

too many ideas pop into my head with this

halla (author)twighahn2011-04-09

glad to hear that
thanks lots for passing by

lieve (author)2010-09-28

Really Nice!

halla (author)lieve2010-10-04

thanks lots for passing by
and your comment

krysteanuh (author)2010-09-26

I always love looking at your work; you make such gorgeous little pieces! :D

halla (author)krysteanuh2010-09-26

thanks lots , i am so glad for your kind comment
awaiting for your passing by

daveamy (author)2010-09-14

This is lovely but what is cold cream?? Thanks

halla (author)daveamy2010-09-14

hi thanks for passing by
cold cream like dove , ponds
skin soften cream
hope i answer your question

scoochmaroo (author)2010-09-13

You should enter this in the DIY Wedding contest. It would make a beautiful table decoration!

halla (author)scoochmaroo2010-09-13

thanks for your kind comment
i will do as u say

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