Box:a small package or container
Boxes are useful things, they can keep all your treasures safe or help you stay organized.

Collapsible: to fold up; put away; pack up; fold down; or to minimize
Having collapsible items minimizes space when not in use, and can provide a tidy solution to otherwise bulky items.

So, what happens when you combine them? A collapsible box, of course!

This box uses a bamboo placemat as the rigid outer shell, with scrap wood for the sides. The box retains its shape with the use of hook & loop fasteners (Velcro) along the sides, which also allow the box to be collapsed when not in use.

Enough talk, let’s collapse some boxes!

Step 1: Tools + Materials

  • hammer
  • wood saw
  • staple gun
  • needle + thread         
  • sandpaper
  • measuring tape
  • drill + bit (3mm [1/8"] )
  • bamboo placemat ($dollar)
  • hook & loop strips ($dollar)
  • scrap denim
  • short nails
  • button
  • fabric elastic
  • scrap wood

I have heavy duty clear vinyl on order, along with the heavy gauge wire I need to make the frames - This have my free some great ideas on how to make the boxes collapse even more than my original plans - I'll post a link here (and on my own post to this Instructable as well) when I have finished my prototypes & finished boxes done and instructions typed up - thank you for this post!
<p>Great Idea</p>
<p>Really good work</p>
it's tottaly amazing,. <br>very useful!<br><br>congrats<br><br>i will try it..<br><br>greets
Very very nice!
If you didn't need it to be 'ultra' collapsible, I suppose you could do away with the cut down the center of the placemats, and have the end pieces simply fold down, then roll up the mat around them.
Yup, that was the original design. This iteration pushes the <em>collapse </em>aspect a little further.<br>
Cool idea!
Quite clever. Please excuse me while I make a quick stop at the patent office.
The animated gif makes for a perfect demostration. Good job on everything, a delightful little box.<br><br>I love the final feel and look of it.

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