Color Changing Bottle Lamp





Introduction: Color Changing Bottle Lamp

Easy, but colorful spectacular lamp.

Step 1: Drill the Hole

For drilling glass you'll need some patient.

I've did it with a diamond coated tool. Wolfram-carbide tool is usable too.

Cooling with water is optional, but it's the easyer way.Some plasticine will help .

After the drilling clean the bottle inside and outside carefully, and let it dry.

Step 2: LEDs, Assembly

I've got some slow color changing Leds.

Easy to use: just add a resistor, and a power supply, and it works!

But carefully: Led needs current to work. This type needs max. 20 mA.

Less current= more Led life.

I've got an old Nokia power charger (other mobile charger suitable too).

With 470 ohm resistor the maximum current not exceed 12mA => great:)

Some copper wire ( .5 mm dia), 5 minutes soldering, and it's done.

Install it to the bottle, and fill with (for example) sea salt.

Give it to somebody, who will enjoy it:)

ps: Sorry for my bad english..

Step 3: Cost...

It's a very low budget project.

Leds+ resistors : $2 - 5 / 6pcs

Old mobile charger : free :)

Sea salt : $0.55 /kg ( 0,5 kg left for cooking something:) )

Time ?.... 30m - 1 h + drying time.



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    How did you made the bottle to look frosted?

    It looks like frosted cause it filled with sea salt.

    This lamp turned out very nice!

    That's a great tip for drilling glass, too. Very good first instructable!