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this will tell you how to make a rainbow color changing solar light.

Step 1: Supplies

soldering iron, color changing led, solder, old solar light with batteries.

Step 2: Dissasimbuly

remove the screws holding the 2 parts of the lights together.

Step 3: Asimbuly

solder your color changing led in combine a cople if you want. hwever this will lesten it's runtime. for the led i used it has to be the 3 volt type with 2 batteries in it.
i got my led at
item number G13897 is what i used ues any one on that page you like.

Step 4: Done


HM-Innovations (author)2010-09-01

you need to go into more detail, and add more steps to fully understand what you're doing. You lost me at "remove the screws"

rcisneros (author)HM-Innovations2010-10-06

I have to agree. From what I read so far this wouldn't even work. Solar lights use an amp, joule thief, that sends really fast pulses to boost the 1.2 v to about 3v. If you put in an RGB led, it would be like turning it on and off really fast. The RGB would always be red, just like it's constantly been turned on and off. You would need a capacitor circuit to keep the RGB powered so it doesn't reset and then when the next pulse will have enough power to illuminate the next color.

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