Colored comic book image on a wooden dog tag -easy laser printed transfer-

Picture of colored comic book image on a wooden dog tag -easy laser printed transfer-
This project is me exploring decorating a military dogtag shaped wooden blank.
The wooden blank is laser cut, I made it at TechShop.

I used an image from the comic book "One Piece" of a pirate ship.

I have seen several good how-to's on laser printer transfers... but I don't think I have seen anybody color one in, and why the heck not! Coloring stuff in is something I got straight A's in all through elementary school.

Step 1: Supplies

Picture of supplies
-item you want to decorate (wooden? but a lot of things could work for this)
>>If you don't live near a techshop, you can buy a blank wooden dogtag from my etsy shop =)

-acrylic medium or gesso (modge podge probably too? it just needs to be not water soluble and pretty adhesive)

-laser print out (NOT INK JET) you can use all black OR color
---so, taking your favorite comic to the kinkos to make laser color copies would be awesome
!!!!!!Your image transfer will result in a mirror image of whatever your print out is, so if your image has text, or you are picky, you will need to flip your image over (ie with your computer before printing or with a smart photo copier). So when the transfer process flips it, it will flip back to its original state.

-nice paint brush or foam brush to apply medium or gesso
-acrylic paint (optional)
-detail brush (optional)

aodiong2 years ago
Whoa cool
cwu102 years ago
This is amazing, if you find a way to do this on some more durable material you could sell custom dog tag to anime fans.
ruthinator (author)  cwu102 years ago
Thanks! This should work on metal, or anything really? Just put down a base appropriate to the material of your choice and finish off with an epoxy/resin clear coat.
Gregbot2 years ago
LIKE! ... Thanks!!!!!