Combat Knex's Heavy Support Pistol





Introduction: Combat Knex's Heavy Support Pistol

this is probabley my best knex weapon i've made so far. This weapons class id say falls in either defence or heavy weapons(support). It's an actuall shotgun ,meaning it actually fires 2 shots, but you you have to set that up by slideing the first yellow back then another one drops in. This gun features a true trigger,ram,hopper,and A comfortable handle.

true trigger
two rods shot at once
also single shot
hopper with alot of ammo
no sight
sometimes jams
no stock

Step 1: Top Rail

this is the top part this adds sturdyness

Step 2: Hopper

this is the guns hopper !duh!

Step 3: The Barrel

very easy just follow the pictures

Step 4: Handle

umm.... just make it (the handle)

Step 5: The Trigger Mech and Place for Trigger to Be On

read the name of the step and theres the description.

Step 6: Assembly

this is how to assemble all of the parts



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    "sometimes jams" :( It looked like a boss pistol until I read that

    how the HECK is this a pistol???

    agreed it looks more of a type of shotie or pump

    It has no front grip and no stock.

    you dont need either for something to be a submachine gun.

    Technically not, but it's a good argument for CombatKnex.

    umm about the stock, its a pistol they arent ment to have stocks