Combining Small Solar Panels





Introduction: Combining Small Solar Panels

I have a trickle charger that I rarely used. Then I have a solar panel to a motion security light, that the motion sensor to the light quit working.
So I combined the two panels to increase the output. Using silicone, I attached the panels to a piece of thick plexiglass.
I hooked up the panels in parallel and the connector and lead from the trickle charger to a set of battery clips.
The main lead is hooked up to the plug that was originally plugged into the security light.
The combination easily out 9 to 10 volts.

Update 8/5/11
The plug on the lead from the panel to the security lights fits perfect in the plug on my O2 Cool fan.
I have the fan pulling cooler air into my camper through an storage tube that was intended to store a small sewer hose (which it never has stored a sewer hose).
The plug also fits perfectly into a rechargeable flashlight that uses a 6 volt dry cell battery.

Found one thing that was odd.....
The wire leads running from the black panel are crossed. The wire with the white stripe is negative. so I had to change around the leads coming from both panels and both connectors/plugs



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    I've mounted the panels atop a mast and have them wired in series with my wind generator. I then have the power running into the house VIA an old phone line.
    I put the trickle charger plug on the end of the phone cord lead, then plug it into my portable power pack.


    Very nice! Did you buy the red panel from harbor freight?

    yea, several years ago. Still going strong. Thanks!