Command and Conquer 3 Kane's Wrath Strategies





Introduction: Command and Conquer 3 Kane's Wrath Strategies

I don't know how many of you out there play Kane's wrath, but i have made this instructable for the few that know online play is massively different from vs computer play, you need to be very fast and equipped with strategies so i will set it off with two of my favorite strategies that i use, and if there is enough interest and tips to help me improve i will expand and post lots more strategies which work well...feel free to explain a strategy to me so i can post it onto the instructable and credit you for it, happy RTSing :D

the first two are very basic, and are the same ones that i used when i first played online, and they are great starters for new players since they work so well even though they are so simple, oh, and my name on kane's wrath is zonecommunictns so feel free to play me, but i wont be online for a while because my main PC is down.

Step 1: The Basic Attack Bike / Pit-bull / Seeker Rush

strategy name: the basic attack bike / pit-bull / seeker rush

for faction/s: all

difficulty: 3/10

type: rush

this strategy requires speed, so make sure that you are quick, this also works best on games with low starting credits.

To start off with build a power plant, then barracks and a refinery, while that is building, build and deploy an anti infantry defense on the route that you think is most likely for the enemy to take, and train a few basic infantry and place them around your base to kill any scouts that the enemy may have sent, after your refinery is built, start constructing a war factory, put up a couple more anti infantry defenses and train some anti vehicle infantry and place them near your main tiberium field to protect your harvesters from an attack. as soon as the war factory is done, deploy it and build a harvester, after the harvester is created build 8 basic vehicles.
Be patient while these basic vehicles build and while you are waiting place some more anti vehicle infantry around your main tiberium field being careful not to let your credits hit 0 and send some scouts into the enemy base to try and find a part of the base that your basic vehicles can enter without sustaining too much damage, once the basic vehicles are done building, select them all and allocate them to team 1 (ctrl + 1) and rush them into the enemy base making sure that they all stay together, enter the part of the base that you had scouted earlier and go straight for the harvesters, if your opponent is NOD then you may have to look around because they have the stealth ability.
once all their harvesters are taken out, attack the power plants to cut off the defense power, and then the war factory, attack the other structures with your remaining attack bikes and if you loose them all make sure that you are preparing a second attack back at your base, the second attack should comprise of tier 2 units and should finish the attack if they haven't surrendered already from lack of credits.

Step 2: The Marked of Kane EMP Rush.

strategy name: the marked of Kane EMP rush.

for faction/s: Marked of Kane.

difficulty: 6/10

type: rush

This strategy requires some micro-management so be prepared, to start off with build a power plant, barracks and a refinery, when the barracks go down instantly train 6 awakened and 2 saboteurs, while the are being trained put down a shredder turret to defend your base from infantry, this is a do-or-die strategy so it may not work or work great, position the saboteurs in front of the awakened because they are slower and will lag behind, what you do when you reach the enemy base is decided by whether they have put defense down, if they have then use one of the awakened to EMP it, then once you reach the construction yard EMP that with another, this will stop the enemy building more defense and will stop the construction yard packing up into a MCV, quickly capture it with one of your saboteurs making sure to keep the defense suppressed with EMP, once it has been captured you can pack it up and send it back to your base, and you can use the remaining saboteur to capture another important structure, and use the rest of your awakened to kill of as many buildings as you can before they die. then after that you can build up a small force to clean up the rest of the base if they have not surrendered already, BUT if they have build a crane they may be able to recover their base, so be ready. But if they do recover you have just taken away a major part, meaning they will have to construct a war factory and build another MCV before they can build anymore defenses.

Step 3: MCV Rush

strategy name: MCV rush.

for faction/s: all.

difficulty: 2/10

type: rush

The MCV rush could be thought of the most basic strategy ever, or even being a bit noobish. It is a do-or-die and if you dont get it right the first time you probably will not win.
To start this strategy you need speed and suprise, so as soon as the game starts pack up your construction yard and send it into the nearest enemy base, as soon as it arrives unpack it and build a power plant and a barracks, you need to be quick as they might start making engineers to capture your construction yard, so get the buildings up as quickly as possible, and build an anti infantry defense to stop more engineers, once your barracks are build start training engineers to capture the enemy structures and some rocket soldiers to supress the enemy defenses and building queues. after you have finished that, just build a small strike force to destroy the rest of the enemy.



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    honestly the best mid game strategy is with blackhand use this rush to take out your enemies economy by attacking the Harvesters THEN the refineries since they work like silos and keep them on standby to keep them away from other tiv fields meanwhile build an army of purifiers and mantis to send the 2nd attack by the time it's done the enemy will have the tub fields and a small army. Rush the purifiers on and the mantis at they're backs and the purifiers will decimate Anything very quickly. Purifer is flame tank and avatar mix. Avatar > vehicles. Flame > infantry and buildings boom right there you can take out ANYTHING because aircraft will doe from mantis sent behind the purifiers.

    if u could pls post more 5/5

    id be greatly interested in some more plans if u have them

    With the Marked of Kane I was playing brutal traveler and reaper. I held them off by sealing off the choke points to my base (for each starting base there could be anywhere from 1 to 3 entrances) with four or five deployed reckoners. I put a combonation of either two tib troops and one enlightened or two enlightened and one tib troop. I upgraded to particle beams and tiberium core missles, scattered some sams and stealth tanks around my base, then set all my recources to building a reclaimer mech, which i equipped with a saboteur and a tib troop. the defences held up fine, i downed at least ten planetary assault carriers and three hexapods, but my reclaimer was just too vulnerable to the carriers on its long trek to the enemy base. Thoughts?

    Using the Reckoner against Scrin is really effective because their buzzers can't expel the infantry from inside, also Tib troops are great for killing the Disintegratiors that they spam, the stealth tanks with upgraded missiles are also extremely deadly against aircraft. 
    This would be a great stratergy for lategame when playing online against Scrin to defend against their lategame which is extrememly powerful, good work!

     I would play Kane's Wrath if my computer would support it. It will barely even play Generals! Until I get my new laptop, I will have to settle for Tiberian Sun.

    Yeah, It's pretty graphics and memory hungry. My laptop has a 2.0Ghz processor and 3GB RAM and I have to run it on its lowest graphics settings lol.

    Yes!!, the official trailer goes out in about 7 days!, cant wait to continue playing the tiberium series!

    Well, I feel kinda sad about it because this will be the final C&C ever!