Picture of communicate with shaun cassidy
shaun cassidy is like the king of you, according to wikipedia. yet he makes time in his hectic schedule to help people. we all seek-out and consult with shaun once in while. for example, i'm on my 4th wife and i need advice on wives.

his advice is extraordinary. yet sometimes he;s pretty busy & can't always leave forwarding contact information. this picture shows how busy he is & this instructable will help you communicate with the king of you, shaun cassidy. this is serious business.

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Step 1: He's with us

Picture of he's with us
ok first off i haf to tell you that shaun cassidy is alive & not dead.
so, ouija boads & seances will not be of use & you'll be tricked by clever spirits.

also, do not confuse him as andy gibb. who actually is dead ( pity ). so, save your wichcraft and crystal balls for communicating with andy gibb.

Step 2: Name your child after shaun cassidy

Picture of name your child after shaun cassidy
mm k. now, you can't just google "shaun cassidy". he is just too popular to get grood results.
myspace, twitter & facebook accounts are prolly not maintained daily.

write this down: you won't believe how many families named their children shaun cassidy.
search results are hopeless on such a prominent & popular name. go ahead name your children after him -- i did. it spreads some sunshine without making search results any worse than they already are.
lime3D2 years ago
Well there's 10 minutes of my life I'll never get back.
hpartridge3 years ago
Its that easy? I will be coming in contact w/ Shaun soon!
zascecs4 years ago
Haha, good one!
Kiteman4 years ago
Who the devil is shaun cassidy, and why would I want to communicate with him?

Does he need me to send him my spare capital letters?
luvit (author)  Kiteman4 years ago
shaun cassidy is king of you
Kiteman luvit4 years ago
We have real royalty in the UK....
luvit (author)  Kiteman4 years ago
you're in denial. and that's ok. (:
Kiteman luvit4 years ago
Well, he's no Kiteman, that's for sure!
Shaun Cassidy(sic) was a teenage pop idol in the late 1970's, and the chosen early-adolescent-hearthrob of my younger sister.

(Personal side note:
Shaun's elder brother, David Cassidy, was a teenage pop idol (and David Partridge of The Partridge Family) in the early 1970's; and was the chosen early-adolescent-hearthrob of my elder sister.

In light of my sisters' separate obsessions; I, somewhat-post-early-adolescently, decided that Ted Cassidy ( would be my own teenage pop idol of choice.)
I, like Kiteman, have never heard of him.
In the UK it was all David Cassidy or Donny Osmond, or, for the more rebellious, the Bay City Rollers.
.  Don't blame me - you asked for it.