Introduction: Communicate With Shaun Cassidy

shaun cassidy is like the king of you, according to wikipedia. yet he makes time in his hectic schedule to help people. we all seek-out and consult with shaun once in while. for example, i'm on my 4th wife and i need advice on wives.

his advice is extraordinary. yet sometimes he;s pretty busy & can't always leave forwarding contact information. this picture shows how busy he is & this instructable will help you communicate with the king of you, shaun cassidy. this is serious business.

Step 1: He's With Us

ok first off i haf to tell you that shaun cassidy is alive & not dead.
so, ouija boads & seances will not be of use & you'll be tricked by clever spirits.

also, do not confuse him as andy gibb. who actually is dead ( pity ). so, save your wichcraft and crystal balls for communicating with andy gibb.

Step 2: Name Your Child After Shaun Cassidy

mm k. now, you can't just google "shaun cassidy". he is just too popular to get grood results.
myspace, twitter & facebook accounts are prolly not maintained daily.

write this down: you won't believe how many families named their children shaun cassidy.
search results are hopeless on such a prominent & popular name. go ahead name your children after him -- i did. it spreads some sunshine without making search results any worse than they already are.

Step 3: Last Steps of Preparation

your best chance to communicate with shaun cassidy is if you;re a girl. now it could be hard to be a girl if you're not already. if you don't have facets like a girl, then find someone who feminine facets to communicate for you.

wear a pedometer when you meet shaun. shaun cassidy is pretty health conscious. your pedometer shows him that you care about yourself and that you two have a lot in common. this will buy you more time to discuss things like sugar-free recipes or the renaming of the world wide wrestling federation.

wear too much suntan lotion so he can smell it and know you;re wearing it. he wants you to be safe in the sun because sunburns are serious business. if you don't have suntan lotion you can fake-it by wearing coconut milk.

Step 4: Shaun Cassidy;s Direct Contact Information:

(removed by author, community, or Shaun Cassidy's request)

Step 5: Bonus Video


lime3D (author)2013-03-11

Well there's 10 minutes of my life I'll never get back.

hpartridge (author)2011-07-24

Its that easy? I will be coming in contact w/ Shaun soon!

zascecs (author)2010-07-30

Haha, good one!

Kiteman (author)2010-07-29

Who the devil is shaun cassidy, and why would I want to communicate with him?

Does he need me to send him my spare capital letters?

luvit (author)Kiteman2010-07-29

shaun cassidy is king of you

Kiteman (author)luvit2010-07-30

We have real royalty in the UK....

luvit (author)Kiteman2010-07-30

you're in denial. and that's ok. (:

Kiteman (author)luvit2010-07-30


Culturespy (author)Kiteman2010-07-29

Well, he's no Kiteman, that's for sure!

Gorfram (author)Culturespy2010-07-29

Shaun Cassidy(sic) was a teenage pop idol in the late 1970's, and the chosen early-adolescent-hearthrob of my younger sister.

(Personal side note:
Shaun's elder brother, David Cassidy, was a teenage pop idol (and David Partridge of The Partridge Family) in the early 1970's; and was the chosen early-adolescent-hearthrob of my elder sister.

In light of my sisters' separate obsessions; I, somewhat-post-early-adolescently, decided that Ted Cassidy ( would be my own teenage pop idol of choice.)

AndyGadget (author)Gorfram2010-07-29

I, like Kiteman, have never heard of him.
In the UK it was all David Cassidy or Donny Osmond, or, for the more rebellious, the Bay City Rollers.

NachoMahma (author)Kiteman2010-07-29
.  Don't blame me - you asked for it.

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