Compact Knex RBG Gun With New Ratchet Mech





Introduction: Compact Knex RBG Gun With New Ratchet Mech

Hello everyone I have not posted a knex thing for a long time, butIi will be posting more soon. Here is a neat new RBG gun thatIi made.

Hello everyone in knex land this is my new compact Knex RBG gun with a new ratchet mech that makes the gun controllable, that means that when you pull the trigger it just shoots one band not all of them at the same time. This is a prototype that just holds 3 bands but I will make it hold more.

Basically how this works is you pull on the ratchet wheel trigger that holds the rubber bands and ratchet it ahead a notch untill it releases the rubber band.

This is such a simple mech I don't know why I did not think of this before.

I hope that this mech can be incorporated in to more guns.

I will post the new version soon!!

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    Cool RBG! Can U post instructions please!

    sorry for not posting instructions but i have just not had the time i will try to get the new guns posted soon!

    Thanks. I will post instructions for the new version soon.

    Very nicely done! This looks like a fun knex gun. Pretty simple too. Thanks!

    Thanks. It was EZ to make but i will be posting some new versions soon with better mechs.