Step 3: Chest

To work out the chest your gonna need to do push-ups and if you have the stuff do flies.
See <a href="http://homemadegymstuff.blogspot.com/2010/07/moment-arm-exercise-smart-kinetics.html">here</a> for a real calf builder
A more knee friendly version is standard bodyweight squats; heels in contact with the floor, feet slightly turned out - controlled sit 'back' &amp; down, whilst using arms outstretched in front for balance. Squeeze glutes and push through heels to rise back up. <br> <br>Bare foot is better too.
Feet fixed = more hip flexion than abs activation.
Nice one! but forgive me if I am mistaken but you don't actually tell us how to work out the shoulders, you just show us the equipment... you might consider changing that.

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