In this instructables, i will be showing you how to and what you will need to build a model aircraft. I'll be telling you how to build and repair a rc plane. Now lets start with the theory, Airplane can fly is because of its wings' shape, they are usually flat on th bottom and curved on top. They are called the "Aerofoil". We will talk about the wings later.

Next to fly, you will need power, the technical term is called the "Thrust". The thrust can either pull the plane foreward with a puller propeller, an EDF (ELECTRICAL DUCTED FAN) ETC.

Now you will need the fuselage, fuselages can vary from different types of aircrafts. Most planes have a 3d scale replica of a real airplane; Some can have a completely scratch buil models sanded off with fan fold insulation foam, but the most exciting type of fuselage is he complete flat profile models, they can perform 3d aerobatics and more.

Step 1: Wings

The aerofoil on foam planes are a tiny bit different to the aerofoils on real aircraft, the aerofoils on model planes are usually KF aerofoils, they are made from stacked up foam boards to create the basic shape and then shaped to the shape, some KF aerofoils are not even sanded and still works the same. Some wings are cut from a block of foam with a hot wire cutter.
Some wings are cut out from balsa wood, those are usually the scale models. But some wood can be heavy.
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Bio: Hi i am steven, afew years ago, i got into RC planes and robotics.
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