Picture of compost tumbler
this compost tumbler is portable it is also my first instructable
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Step 1: Get a barrel

Picture of get a barrel
find a barrel with a lid you can get one at

Step 2: Get tools a materials

Picture of get tools a materials
- barrel
- plywood about the size of the barrel
- 3 sets of skateboard wheels
- 2 L brackets
- a handle
- 2 small blocks of wood bigger then the wheels
- peice of wood the weight of the barrel

- drill (an electric/corded drill works best for this job)
- 3/8" and 1" drill bits
- screws

Step 3: Drill holes

Picture of drill holes
with you drill make hole thoughout the whole barrel

Step 4: Put wheels on

Picture of put wheels on
drill on set of the wheels on bottom to one end

Step 5: Tumbler wheels

Picture of tumbler wheels
With the other wheels put them in the middle of the plywood on the other side about a foot and a half apart

Step 6: Handle

Picture of handle
put the handle on the same side that has the 2 sets of wheels but the other end of the wheels on bottom

Step 7: Back of wood

Picture of back of wood
put the wood that is the height of the barrel on the same side as handle but other end

Step 8: Blocks of wood

Picture of blocks of wood
put them on same side as the one set of wheels but to the other end and spread them apart

Step 9: Put barrel on

Picture of put barrel on
now put the barrel on the wheels and you are done

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