Step 7: Back of Wood

put the wood that is the height of the barrel on the same side as handle but other end
The one thing of upmost importance that I found missing was the loading door. To take the screw top lid off of the barrel would be way to awkward in muy opinion, and so I think the a carefully planned door by cutting out a section of the side, would be needed. Otherwise, this is a brilliant Instructable. I have kept away from making rolling composters, because of the idea of having an axle through the middle. I would also have a collector tray underneath bacuase the nutrients from that would be good for plants, or simply poured back through the composter. I agree, this is the best idea use of a skateboard yet. LOL <br>
<p>I like the thoughts in your design; however, I think it may be difficult to execute when composting.&nbsp; First, the oddly shaped barrel will most likely not stay balanced on&nbsp;a single&nbsp;pair of wheels as the compost shifts inside the barrel when turning.&nbsp; A barrel shaped more like a complete column with two sets of wheels has always worked for me.&nbsp; Second, I really like the idea of moving the compost to where it is needed, but bigger/stronger wheels will be needed&nbsp; to roll over the lawn or garden paths.&nbsp; I have made several compost tumblers with the external wheels like your design and I may add the movability design in my next construction.</p>
It would probably begin to leak smelly water as well through the air holes. An outside composter IMHO.<br />
He meant on the opposite side as the wheels. When it is flipped back over those legs will keep the barrel from moving off the backstop.
good job cody/nick
Great project, nice design. Could use some additional directions on use.
Just to add something positive.. As a first instructable, this is very good! I won't put one up because I'm old, ugly, and could not take being criticized after making such an effort.. Nice first try son.
I tried this several years ago but with furniture casters/wheels, the offset type, at the four corners of the main body of the barrel. The plastic of the barrel was too soft for the weight of the compost and it couldn't rotate properly.<br/><br/>Similar to <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/S1KOA71F8MM9QT4/">https://www.instructables.com/id/S1KOA71F8MM9QT4/</a> but with larger wheels.<br/>
this type of composter is ok, but you must add water to promote rotting, and plenty of air-holes to allow aerobic decay otherwise you get a wet, soggy mess of stinking stuff. High nitrogen vegetation like lawn mowings will rot better if the pH is raised by adding lime , don't waste money on expensive decay promoters. The plastic barrel should be rotated ccasionally.
Your context is extremely confusing.<br/><br/>But, the <strong>absolutely</strong> best use of a skateboard I've ever seen!<br/>
huh??? makes no sense....
punctuation seconded! also, you may wish to add a step or two on how to use this. i can easily see it is manually rotated tumbler, but there are those who don't know what compost is (or how it is made) much less how to use a tumbler. In the least, a link to another source for that information would be useful.
good idea, but revise the punctuation and it would be much better. ;)

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