Step 3: Launcher - detail

Picture of launcher - detail
This canon was made with about 28" of 2" PVC pipe as the chamber. Cut your 2" pipe to length and glue on the 2" cap to one of the ends.
On the other end, glue on the 2" to 1" bushing. Then, cut a 4-6" length of 1" PVC and glue that into the bushing.
Finally, glue the 1" threaded coupler onto the 1" pipe attached to the bushing.
Set chamber assembly aside for 24 hours until glue has cured.
One set, drill an opening in the cap for the schrader valve. Tap the opening and wrap the valve in teflon tape and screw into opening.

Sprinkler Valve:
I did not perform the modifications to this valve. It appears that the valve has had the electronic solenoid removed and replaced with the handle and trigger for a compressed air nozzle. The trigger is threaded and fits directly into the place where the solenoid trigger was. Replacing the electronic portion with a simple mechanical action.
The valve is 1" female threaded on both ends.

Cut a length of 12-14" of 1" PCV pipe, then glue the threaded couple to one end. Set aside to dry.
WYE_Lance3 years ago
Using an air nozzle for the trigger is a brilliant idea. Could you explain in further detail how to replace the solenoid with the compressed air nozzle? Also, where did you get the nozzle?