Step 3: Launcher - Detail

This canon was made with about 28" of 2" PVC pipe as the chamber. Cut your 2" pipe to length and glue on the 2" cap to one of the ends.
On the other end, glue on the 2" to 1" bushing. Then, cut a 4-6" length of 1" PVC and glue that into the bushing.
Finally, glue the 1" threaded coupler onto the 1" pipe attached to the bushing.
Set chamber assembly aside for 24 hours until glue has cured.
One set, drill an opening in the cap for the schrader valve. Tap the opening and wrap the valve in teflon tape and screw into opening.

Sprinkler Valve:
I did not perform the modifications to this valve. It appears that the valve has had the electronic solenoid removed and replaced with the handle and trigger for a compressed air nozzle. The trigger is threaded and fits directly into the place where the solenoid trigger was. Replacing the electronic portion with a simple mechanical action.
The valve is 1" female threaded on both ends.

Cut a length of 12-14" of 1" PCV pipe, then glue the threaded couple to one end. Set aside to dry.
<p>Is this for beginners? I want a rocket for beginners. Also I want a rocket that flies very high. Do you know how to make a rocket that flies extremely high for beginners?</p><p>THX in advance</p>
<p>This project is pretty good for beginners, but there's also <a href="http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1620877309/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=1620877309&linkCode=as2&tag=wwwmichaelsau-20&linkId=ATUVSKRYZCVL3SQH" target="_blank">this!</a></p>
<p>ok. THX again</p>
<p>when i was a boy, i had a friend who used rockets from a rocket model shop; once showed me a rocket engine that looked and worked like cracker, round piece with a match cord. I then found out that these paperback rockets can even be bought as kits with several stages of ignition and cost around 30 bucks upwards, but come with a stand - if i was about shootin a rocket into the atmosphere with a cam as payload for example, i'd probably use something like them.</p>
<p>actually, i was lookin for something similar and imo your ible is great. But as parachutes don't work, why don't you take glitter as payload?</p>
<p>That's an excellent idea! Next time I make compressed air rockets, this is what I am doing. If you try it out, please share some pictures here :) I'd love to know how it looks.</p>
<p>uh, well, basically i would. We had tons of glitter on the last juggling convention and i told the boss of my idea yesterday, but he said no as, this year after the con, he got into trouble with the technicians.<br>As well, I always wanted to do something with rockets or a crossbow (like the ipad7-ible) on a festival in hungary as well as the workshop area where i'm working is on top of a hill and the stages in the valley, but 1. that won't happen before next year, 2. i'd need a secure plan and ask for permission. But i'm quite pessimist about a glitter-payload as the whole area is grassland for a sheep flock. But on the other hand i also found an ible yesterday about edible glitter, which basically is colored baked sugar - i'm just not sure, if it's shiny enough for a rocket.<br>But maybe you find out?</p>
<p>Glitter is something you never want to ask permission for because the answer is always no- better to beg forgiveness :)</p><p>Also, the idea of sheep eating glitter and producing sparkly poop is something worth exploring.</p>
<p>certainly funny, but the plastic got sharp edges and can cut your guts inside afaik. And a shepherd who owns the festival area and knows me as an artist working on his festival, i don't want to piss him off this way.<br>And today i remembered that someone once told me that if you throw a cent coin fro Cologne cathedral and it hits straightwards someone standing in front of the cathedral with its edge, it can break through the head-bone. Thinking about Newton and so on - and how would that be with sugar crystals and is it possible to grind sugar that fine that it rather floats down? And what about powdered sugar? D'uh, i have to find me a cracker and find out...</p>
<p>so i made on and the valve seems to release very slow. Batteries are good. anyone</p><p>know what the problem may be???</p>
<p>The sprinkler valve should have instantaneous release of all stored air. If you are getting a slow release are you using the right valve?</p><p>There are no batteries with this system.</p>
awesome, i saw that very same exhibit at that very same maker faire and thought something along these lines. well done. couple things though: <br><br>-slightly larger images of the payload assembly might help<br><br>-Did you do this on top of a building? in a city? next to skyscrapers? do you know how illegal and dangerous that is? one of these could have easily blown out one of those shiny windows. im not sure what psi you are using, but if its anything like the rocket launchers at maker faire, they have considerable range. great build, just shoot it off somewhere else next time. <br><br>other than that small safety rant, nice job! <br>DAE (ilpug)
No. Paper &quot;rockets&quot; are not taking out the safety-glass of high-rise buildings. Sorry. Not gonna happen. <br> <br>The ones the kids typically build, even when over-taped, are 15-17 grams. They might crack window glass at point-blank ranges, _maybe_, but even right up against it they're just going to smush on safety glass. <br> <br>We've flown them with cameras at more than double the pressure the author of this I'bil notes. Although the muzzle velocity is high, the mass just isn't there.
Yeah, I see that now... Still, not the best place, especially with fireworks attached.
oh man THAT is absolutely fantastic!
epic i can't wait to build one you should put a smoke bomb or bolt bomb in it !!!!!!
Using an air nozzle for the trigger is a brilliant idea. Could you explain in further detail how to replace the solenoid with the compressed air nozzle? Also, where did you get the nozzle?<br><br>Thanks!
This is my version of the Compress Air Rocket Launcher. I've incorporated the launch stand into the air chamber and added a gauge to control pressure. Using 40 lbs of pressure, the rocket shown here has flown to 300 ft.
Why exactly did it ignight?
I have something much like this but you can buy a kit from the Makershed! These things are awsome. Good work!
Great idea but I think you need to modify your firework usage to get a better ...explosion. When we were kids we used to make &quot;flower bombs&quot; out of those fireworks you have pictured. <br>To avoid posting how to make things go boom on a public forum I'll send you a PM.
Did you do this on top of a building??
Where did you buy the valve and the trigger? i cant seem to find one online
You must have a lot of time on your hands. Pretty cool
Nope, the one thing I don't have is time on my hands. But I'm glad you like it.<br /> <br /> Also, the thing in Step 7 is an animated GIF, check out <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Making-animated-GIFs-in-photoshop/">how to make one.</a>
How did you make the video thing on step 7
Sound like you had fun at least, better luck on your next project!
Great job, again! I have to make these.
"A" for effort! As long as it's For Science, nothing is a failure!<br /><br /><br />....unless you accidentally created an overpowering army of intelligent man-apes bent on taking over the world.

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