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Introduction: Computer Case Mod Cooling Fans

Like a lot of instructable folks I am cheap.
When I built this tower I used all the parts I had on hand ,it is my first build using a p4 so not much transferred over,I did not know that it would be so much hotter than a coppermine was.
Installing a fan in the front of tower,and a PCI slot fan did not help much

Step 1: Scrapping Parts and Buying Stuff

Step 2: Layout

Lay the fan on graph paper, trace it out I added one inch to border.

A few layout marks on the side cover.

Masking tape templet to transfer the holes that needed to be drilled.

Ready for the drill 3/16" for the screws 1.25" hole saw for the vents. paint the off white blood gulch red.

Step 3: Mounting, Wireing

Mount the fans plug in the bus.
Mount the bus on 2 standoffs.
Mount the pot,and the knob.
solder And bench test.
Mounting tape holds in my side USB/par port (cables too short to reach the front :(

Step 4: Notes

Yes there is a auto cig lighter on the front of my tower that is for another day.
When I build a computer I use a sharpie on inside of cover to make a few useful notes,as I suffer from CRS and have no idea what I stuffed in there.
Tower plug for the lights/power button was wrong so I just jacked that one to the face.
Missing faceplate has a hard drive in the slot I lost the blank years ago.
I mounted fans to blow out of tower.
On low very quiet on high they are noisy.

Step 5: Bench Test

Benchtest the mod
I use inter active monitor as it is an intel inside.
The burn in 2008 I got for free from majorgeeks.
After 5 min CPU temp was 49-50 c
Case temp never got over 34 c
normal operations (like right now with a few windows open)
CPU is 34c
zone one is 32c
stay tuned for how to have your own cig lighter in an open slot,no i dont smoke in the office its for all the chargers that plug into it.



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    12 Discussions

    has any 1 here tried hooking up a car stereo to the psu and maybe modding the front drive bay for it to fit?

    2 replies

    Yes, i did i had an old tape player that i found in my garage... I cut the molex connector and connected the yellow cable to the positive terminal (red) and black (ground) to the stereo's ground ... it works fine ;) But i didn't try modding it to fit in a drive bay

    computer geeks sells a 5.25 bay stereo for tower, i have a nice car stereo not in use it has a flash player built in takes sd or a usb HD now ya got me thinking and that is dangerous. same thing we do every night work on plans to take over the world ( insert evil laugh )

    p4's dont usually get too hot, bt yes, every p4 uild i have (and had, about 4 or 5) have hadcase fans. too bad i had to get rid of a lot of them. still got a couple though! :D

    cool idea for the cigarette lighter on the front, ill try and make 1 into a switch that would be awsome then

    Well... when i press the lighter to heat up the psu fan slows down haha :D P.S my psu is 350w

    yeah but i say if your were going to add stereo to your computer either one that has a dvd player or just a old tape player one then you can play tapes ,dvds and cds!!!

    Nice instructable, I used an old tv's brightness control for the speed setting knob. The cigarette lighter is interesting, does it run all car accessories? I don't smoke, but always wanted to run various car accessories using the pc 12 volt power supply. What is the biggest thing you have hooked up to the plug? You should do an instructable on it : )

    3 replies

    yes i plug in all kinds of 12v auto stuff.Iits tapped into a single lead molex connector off my power supply ,biggest amp draw? a small auto air compressor to blow dust out of cell,bluetooth,MP3 player all charge on it ,it is not fused (fuses are for wimps) so draw too much and the power supply pops off

    thanks, I am going to install the cig lighter connector. I have a car mp3 fm transmitter that I am going to hook up to my pc audio and stream to my stereo.

    Intresting instuctable! :D a whole lot more useful than the other one (for me atleast since jumping car batteries is extremely simple)