This instructable will guide you through making a computer controlled low voltage device.

What you will need:
1 a old ps/2 or sub keyboard
2 some low voltage relays
3 some wire

Optional stuff
1 a nice box/case
2 dip socket
3 solder
4 led

soldering iron
screwdriver which fits in the screws in your keyboard

Step 1: Opening the Keybord

Take your screwdriver and unscrew all the screws in your keybord. Look under stikers and those little rubber feet for more screws.
open your keybord.
throw away the white plastic sheets but keep the sercet bord
 Please use spell-check............
spellcheck helps
very true mate :}
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i dont understand your engrish, what is this for?
engrish, and he has bad grammer! Thats rude!
trun the bendy circiut board thing into a wallet, theres an instructable for it
newbeatle,<br/>The&quot;silamaler&quot; for pc just means some program &quot;similar&quot; to controlmate for Mac.<br/>the program you want for the PC is &quot;uberOptions&quot; and can be found here.<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.mstarmetro.net/users/rlowens">http://www.mstarmetro.net/users/rlowens</a><br/>I hope this helps you. <br/>The relay is nothing more than a switch for power to the LED's found in the keyboard as well. It appears that he is wiring the LED's in parallel. From what I think I'm reading, it appears to me that he is using the 5 volts from the USB port. If that's true then I would use a resistor in the + line ahead of the LED's because the USB port is only good for 500 ma, I think. Without a resistor any problem with the LED's could overload the USB circuits. <br/>
hi, maybe a seems like an idiot but.... can you describe with an more detailed schemtic how this think works? it seems to me that you atach an relay instead of the leds of the keyboard ? and other question, can you put a link to get the program that you say? (silamaler) . i seek for it but i just came here to the instructables again!!! thnks from saltillo coahuila mexico , el ing. Alex
lol keybord that sounds like something that could be Korg's ( the electric piano company) next model. lol or the Keyborg hahaha
You need to use the macro setting on your camera. Besides that (and the spelling) pretty good instructable.
You do know you can use the spell check that comes with instructables and firefox.
Darkshot is requested pleasantly to shut his face, nice instructable!
Unbelievably bad execution of a nice instructable idea. It's hard to take someone seriously who spells this badly (or carelessly).
Keybo<strong>A</strong>rd<br/>Key = Assigned Button to A , B C 123 Etc . <br/>Board=Part With Electronic traces Oftenly made from copper <br/>Useful instructable , Though<br/><br/>
Holy cow! It was decent in its own right, but you should really proofread your instructables. The blame is not entirely yours though. I also hold whomever reviewed it responsible.
sercet, cercit, joind, realy, prepareing, thred, reeatach, couler, togeter, screwthe, assined, conectid, correctley, shoudent... Did you read over your work? 'Cause it is full of spelling and grammar errors... One time reading over it could have fixed that. <strong>circuit, joined, relay, preparing, thread, reattach, colour\color, together, screw the, assigned, connected, correctly, shouldn't</strong>...are the right words. Nice Instructable, though.<br/>-gamer<br/>
Cool. Looks a little rushed but other wise very nice.

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