Picture of computer shell soda dispenser
ever wanted to have a soda can dispenser but don't want to spend a lot of money? here is your answer. use a old tower from a computer to do the job!
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Step 1: You will need

Picture of you will need
you will need: one computer shell with hole for DVD drive either top or bottom that can easily fit a 375ml can for best proformance,one big piece of thick cardboard,one ramp(optional), a pair of scissors, string(optional). if you want your drinks cold you will also need: a powerful fan(approx 9 volts), battery pack, ice pack, plastic sandwitch bag, 2 way switch, insulation(wool works well).

Step 2: Preperation

Picture of preperation

Step 3: The ramp

Picture of the ramp
insert the ramp at the back(if you have one)

Step 4: The cardboard soda ramp

Picture of the cardboard soda ramp
with the scissors, create two holes in the cardboard, for string to go through, if you have any.

Step 5: Placing the ramp

Picture of placing the ramp
place the ramp inside the shell

Step 6: The string

Picture of the string
thread the string through the holes in the cardboard and through the tower, if you have any.

Step 7: Finishing

Picture of finishing
the shell of your old computer is now a drink dispenser. pull the drink through the DVD drive hole to obtain drink. enjoy! If you want a cooling interface, go to next step

Step 8: The cooling interface

note:i am coming up with a efficient cooling interface so hold tight. wire the battery pack to the fan through the switch. this creates a switch to turn the fan on/off. place the switch in an easy to reach place(preferably the floppy drive if you have one). freeze the ice pack and place in the sandwitch bag(helps to stop rusting of the dispenser). this blows cold air at the drinks. with insulation
kyismaster4 years ago
use LN2 ( liquid nitrogen....)
munchman6 years ago
Wow, I have the same PC case. (shame it's housing a server)
gutty (author)  munchman6 years ago
i take it you are running XP. STICK WITH IT, UNTIL WINDOWS 7 COMES OUT. viista is really slooooooooooow.
id stll stck with xp it the most stable
RainStars gutty5 years ago
Vista is beast! XP sucks now for internet
lopez8675 gutty6 years ago
really? for me vista is really fast
___5 years ago
Im supposed to be constructive and positive but there is only one way to say this:
marshnt6 years ago
this is just a really really bad rip off of invent geek's PC case cooler
gutty (author)  marshnt6 years ago
point taken, but I did not get it from invent geek, I had an old computer case, because the hard drive went stupid, and was looking for something to do with it. I have been trying to invent something, and came up with this.
Good instructable. My mom got a laptop so I got an old computer with parts from 2000! It is about to die so I needed Something to do with it. Great Idea.
gutty (author) 6 years ago
i thought about that... not worth the tine, and it is not big enough :! and =(.
mhippo6 years ago
If you have a bunch of old heat sinks, you could use them as a more lasting cooling system. They'd keep the inside a few degrees cooler than the outside. Another possibility, would be have two or three different kinds of soda with a double hatch, and when you pull the soda release string it closes a hatch over the bottom one and opens a hatch beneath it. Okay, that's probably more trouble than it's worth...
ikssk6 years ago
Cool, how do you keep your soda cold?
gutty (author)  ikssk6 years ago
IF you have the old fan,motherboard and power supply cables, lucky you. find the wires that connect the motherboard to the fan and unplug them. take or cut the socket out, and connect it to power supply cables of it's voltage.
berky93 gutty6 years ago
or you could just get any type of fan (computer fan, regular fan, one of those portable air conditioners) and wire it up so the cable comes out where the computer's PSU cable used to come out. then put it in the bottom of the case under the ramp and put holes in the ramp (to help airflow) it would probably work better with a stronger ramp
gutty (author)  berky936 years ago
i used very thick cardboard
gutty (author)  ikssk6 years ago
the above comment doesn't work but it does keep it cool. to increase the effectiveness, insulate the dispenser.
I've seen a different form of this on invent geek which is cooled and insulated. But does need more modding to the case and costs more to make.
berky936 years ago
this is cool. I am going to have to try this with my old computer case. it would also be cool if you divided the case into 2 parts: the drink dispenser out of one the cd drives, and turn the other one into a tray that slides in and out. put a better cooling system in there and you have a freezer! or just leave it as-is and keep snacks in there.
hg3416 years ago
dang i was thing this would have some sort of cooling a interface

well it cools real goodeven the lack of cooling

oh and how many pops do you get in?5-10?
gutty (author)  hg3416 years ago
FIRSTLY,I'm working on the cooling interface, see "ikssk's" comment and my replies, and second,if you are willing to stack the cans, you should get about 15 in.
hg341 gutty6 years ago
cool about the cans and you working on cooling and sry i didnt readed all the comments
Holden_vy_s6 years ago
It would be awesome if it refrigerated the drinks at the same time.
gutty (author)  Holden_vy_s6 years ago