Computer Woofer Mod(to See Vibrations From the Speakers)





Introduction: Computer Woofer Mod(to See Vibrations From the Speakers)

Many people have woofers.And they are pleased with it.
Listening to music only is no fun.Most woofers don't have exposed speakers.they are mostly inside.
And those woofers that have speakers outside are expensive.They are for cars(pimp cars).
You wanna see speakers pumping bass according to the music.What can you do?
With this mod,you can simulate the vibrations of the speakers

Step 1: What You Need

you'll need just a few items
*markers(your choice of colors)
*paper(A4paper is not a bad idea)

Step 2: First!

cut a strip of paper out
best cut it thin and long
I would recommend 1cm X 8cm

Step 3: Fold It

fold it like this on both sides

Step 4: Done Folding?

now color it with cool graphics!
make sure the graphic you draw is stripes and letters.
mines not that nice but you can try many kinds of style that suit you.

Step 5: Done Everything? Now Turn on the MUSIC!!!

here's a video of it working
song=lady sovereign-love me or hate me

Step 6: Troubleshoot

paper rattling
your paper is too thick/wide

no vibrations
add more volume
widen your paper

Good luck on it
completed my second instructable



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    That's great and all but my 2 15's shred paper :/ might be cool for my little 8" home theater sub

    My Coby speaker system has an exposed woofer. I got it at big lots for $25 a few years ago.

     This was cool and easy, the perfect combination

    Dude, that is one of the best woofer test I have come across. My subs sound amazing!

    well that song is ok reason why I don't really like it is because that song has no music.just bass.repeating the same thing. but this song is a good bass tester

    Why not just cut a hole in the side and stick a window in it?

    ??? you mean cover the hole and put a smaller hole in it? that won't'll rattle a lot

    naaah he means cut a hole in the side (so you can see the speaker) and put glass or clear perspex or whatever over the hole... i dont recommend it tho coz i dont get my kicks off watching the sub movement. haha

    i think josho means cut a hole and install a window in your speaker enclosure so you can see the cone moving.