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hello, this is anders625 reporting to you from the Caiman islands. In this instructible I will be showing you how to make a horn out of a conch shell. The conch is a common name that is applied to a number of different medium to large-sized sea snails or their shells. The term generally applies to large sea snails whose shell has a high spire and a noticeable siphonal canal (in other words, the shell comes to a point at both ends).

True conches are marine gastropod molluscs in the family Strombidae, specifically in the genus Strombus and other closely related genera such as Eustrombus.

Many species also are often called "conch", but are not in the family Strombidae, including Melongena species (family Melongenidae), and the horse conch Pleuroploca gigantea(family Fasciolariidae). They also include the sacred chank or more correctly shankha shell (Turbinella pyrum) and otherTurbinella species in the family Turbinellidae. These shells are illegal to take when there in the water but once they wash up on the shore it's a race to get them with all the tourists going after them, along with the hermit crabs reusing them as homes. These are fun and easy to make, so when your on vacation next be sure to look for one to make this.

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Step 1:

Picture of

we will start by figuring out which side to work on, the side with all the points is where you will need to work. What we will be doing is cutting the tip off, or breaking what ever you prefer.

HI dear,

In Hindu religion we blow this in our prayers. Some priest can blow it for long time.

Blowing has got benefit too..You can google it. i liked your tutorial

Pure Carbon (author)  chanchala.singh.584 months ago
Well thank you, that sounds interesting I will be sure to do that. I'm glad you liked my tutorial.
grace66 months ago

does this work with welks?

Pure Carbon (author)  grace66 months ago

yes, defiantly.

cool! How does it sound?

sounds awesome, my record so far is 7 seconds of continuous sound.

Kiteman made it!8 months ago

I made one if these a while ago, it was an absolute pig to cut and carve the shell.

When you're blowing it, and pursing your lips, aim for a sort of high-pitched raspberry.

I don't know if you can see/open it, but the second file attached to this message is a quick video I took on my phone.

Pure Carbon (author)  Kiteman8 months ago

Absolutely beautiful. :-)

Thank you!