video Concrete bench

this was a school project, we had to design a product thats made out of "simple" bulk materials.
for this bench the following was used:
wood for molds
hardwood to finish
some screws and a bit of wire

the tools used here are all shown in the video, some things can also be done with other machines.

timothy demaegdt (author) 2 years ago
here are some more photo's of the finished product
sethcim1 year ago
Why do you pour water into the mold? Leak testing?
timothy demaegdt (author)  sethcim1 year ago
i do this to clean the mold and to ensure a better flow of the concrete, if you want a smooth surface you can also use a concrete moldspray or oil.

small leaks are not a problem in concrete molds (i even like it a bit) because the concrete will block the holes if you pour it. the leaks allow for water to flow out of the mold and this means every corner of the mold fills with concrete.

sorry for the late response but i'm quite busy with some design deadlines for school.
Really nice work!!
ceanes2 years ago
Nice work