Step 7: Assemble lamp

Picture of assemble lamp
Put the lamp together. Thread the cord up through the base holes, screw the thing on top. You can put a switch on the cord too, if you want. I'm not getting into wiring here. If you don't know what you're doing, ask someone who does.

Use a bright bulb. I found this fluorescent (incandescents will get the thing really hot - better to use compact fluorescents (and less energy!). This bulb is a 150 watt equivalent, which uses 32 watts. The shade will block a lot of the light.

Notice that you can see through the shade on the thick piece of glass (even when switched off!)

Ok, you're done. Please, if anyone is crazy enough to try this, let me know how it goes.
techtable5 years ago
 an interesting idea would be to embed fiber optic cables in the concrete, to make it slightly translucent.
andybuda5 years ago
I'm thinking of using two pieces of glass and putting a mould on the front to take speaker drivers so the front has the two edges as glass with speakers down the center that would be cool .... the sides could all so have a design in them "its a shame to have all the sides in glass under concrete and not use it" if i get round to doing this ill let u know should work though...let me know what u think... did you use any mould oil on the wood/foam.... or do you think if i used plastic over the inside of the moulds that would work cause i like the very smooth finish it produces...
Great work! I'm in the decorative concrete field; counter tops, floor overlays, furniture, vertical stamped and hand carved concrete, and on occasion a dinosaur statue :) This is a design I haven't seen. I will definitely be making one of these. Thanks Concrete Phil
Aerospaced6 years ago
That is freakn' slick! One thing I learned by casting metal, porcelain, wax and plaster: use a release agent. I find petroleum jelly works best. It's messy, but it will fill any little voids that the material will get into and cause your mold to stick. I think I'll try this one with a twist. I want to put colored glass on top of the large panes in a pattern. Sort of like a stained glass effect. Or maybe a T.A.R.D.I.S. !
Grey_Wolfe6 years ago
This is very cool. A nice modern feel without being tacky like most modern art and furnishings.